$50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024: Here is Everything To Know

Vizio has agreed to pay $3 million to settle a 2018 class action lawsuit alleging that its promotion of 120Hz and 240Hz effective refresh rates was “false and deceptive.”

$50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024:

According to the website for registering claims, Vizio denies any misconduct and asserts that each television was labeled correctly with the correct “Hz” specification. According to a 2022 article in the USA TODAY Reviewed, the refresh rate is the “hardware specification that describes how motion is handled on any given TV.”A display’s refresh rate refers to how many times per second it resets the image. “Essentially, the higher your screen’s refresh rate, the shorter the period that will pass between each video frame appearing on screen,” according to the report.

Vizio, according to the settlement, denies any wrongdoing. The business declined to comment on the settlement with Ars. The settlement comes as techniques for combating motion blur, such as backlight scanning and frame interpolation (known for producing the “soap opera effect”), have been chastised for frequently degrading the viewing experience. LG and TCL have also faced class-action lawsuits for falsely claiming that their motion blur-fighting tactics cause their TVs to run at a more significant refresh rate than is possible. Despite the critiques, backlight scanning and motion smoothing are still enabled by default on countless TVs belonging to unknowing owners.

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