Chloe Stott: Who Was She? In Wickenburg, Arizona, A Tragic Death

Tragically, Chloe Stott, the creator of the Clover Skin Bar in Lindon, Utah, perished in an automobile accident while traveling to Arizona for the holidays.

Chloe Stott Died1

Chloe Stott: Who is She?

At the age of 20, Expert in aging and acne, Chloe Stott, started her own business. After completing her studies in aesthetics in August 2020, she opened Clover Skin Bar.

Chloe began with a little enterprise that flourished into a successful medical spa. Parker Stott, Chloe’s spouse, assisted her in realizing her dream of opening the spacious Clover Skin Bar. To carve out a distinct niche for themselves in the beauty and wellness industry, the pair also hired a group of Master Estheticians with a focus on acne and ageing prevention.

Clover Skin Bar’s expansion was attributed to Chloe’s commitment and skill, as stated by Voyage Utah. The company thrived under her leadership and gained popularity as the go-to source for customers seeking age- and acne-related solutions. Augmenting their medical spa in 2022 confirmed Chloe and Parker Stott’s status as a top skincare destination in northern Utah, marking a significant milestone.

What Happened to Her?

It is yet unknown what caused Chloe Cook Stott to pass away. Numerous individuals on social media have proposed that she regrettably died in an accident while traveling to Arizona for the holidays. Although authorities have not yet verified the veracity of this complaint, a user claims that Chloe was in a head-on accident.

The reports of her death have not yet received official confirmation or corroboration. The public should hold off on making decisions until further information is available, as officials are expected to provide additional specifics regarding the circumstances surrounding Chloe Cook Stott’s passing.

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