America’s best hunting states revealed

Hunting is without a doubt one of the most popular activities for Americans, and recent research has revealed several key hunting trends throughout the country, including the best hunting states for both beginner and experienced hunters.

With hunting becoming a mainstream activity for people of all ages, this report has provided a list of recommended hunting states for enthusiastic hunters. After all, hunting is more than just a pastime in America – it has generated 680,000 jobs in the US alone.

So, what are the best US hunting states?

The top 5 hunting states in America

According to the report by Tier One, the best hunting states in the US are:

1. Texas
2. NY
3. California
4. Michigan
5. Ohio

Texas has made it to number one as the most popular hunting state in the country, followed by New York, California, Michigan, and Ohio.


It is not surprising that Texas is the best hunting state in the country, with a diverse collection of wild game that awaits. From white-tailed deer and quail to alligator and pronghorn, Texas is a state that promises an abundance of game for hunters of all ages. Like with hunting in any state, you must ensure that you have a valid hunting license in order to hunt in Texas.

New York

New York as one of the top hunting states in the country might come unexpected for some, but it should not be overlooked. In particular, New York is an excellent place for hunting deer, bears, moose, and even coyotes. In fact, there are approximately 550,000 licensed hunters in the state, with 85% engaging in big game hunting. This means that New York is definitely a state to take note of for hunters who are interested in hunting big game.


Claiming the third spot on the list is California, the Golden State. Home to bountiful populations of deer, elk, wild pigs, and more, California offers unique hunting experiences for hunters. With over 176 million acres of public land for hunting, nature is closer than you might think when you choose to hunt in California.


Michigan is next on the list as one of the best hunting states in the country. Here is where you will find the largest state forest system in the US, drawing thousands of hunters to its land every year. In particular, it is home to an ample concentration of deer and over 10 million acres of open land for public hunting. This makes Michigan an ideal state for trophy hunting, as well as hunting for venison.


At number five sits Ohio, a state that features different hunting landscapes for the avid hunter to explore. This includes both lush plains and rugged mountains and forests, hunting in Ohio is both challenging and fruitful. With a large population of wild turkeys, deer, upland birds, and more, hunters can expect to engage in hunting across the state. Keep in mind that a special permit is also required in order to hunt deer in Ohio, alongside the annual hunting license.

There you have it, the top 5 hunting states in the US, according to hunters themselves. If you’re looking for your next hunting challenge, the 5 states listed above prove excellent choices for thrilling hunting experiences.