The Evolving Identity of Bella Ramsey

Bella Ramsey identifies as gay and embraces a non-binary gender identity. The English actor openly shared her sexual orientation in response to ongoing speculation. In an interview, she described herself as “a little wavy” but affirmed her primary identification as gay. Additionally, Bella Ramsey expressed a preference for non-binary pronouns, opting for “they/them” and “their.”

The Evolving Identity of Bella Ramsey
The Evolving Identity of Bella Ramsey

The revelation came to light after her role as Ellie Williams in The Last Of Us, where, despite being advised by the show’s creator, Craig Mazin, not to read social media comments, she did so. To her surprise, she found overwhelming support from the proud gay community, which she values more than any other recent feedback.

Prior to this revelation in her New York Times interview, Bella had led a relatively private life compared to other celebrities. Fame, she admits, seems “silly,” and she longs for the simplicity of everyday activities. Following her notable roles in The Worst Witch series and The Last Of Us, which featured queer storylines, Ramsey decided to share her authentic self with the public, reflecting her confidence and becoming a voice for her community.

In a British Vogue interview, Bella described her sexuality as “a little bit wavy,” indicating that she doesn’t identify as “100 percent straight.” This aspect of her identity, previously kept private, now contributes to her authenticity as she opens up about her life.

Discussing her role as Ellie, a crucial character in The Last Of Us, Bella highlighted the character’s “gayness” as a distinctive feature from the original video game. She emphasized that if some people are uncomfortable with this aspect, it is their perspective to grapple with, reinforcing her commitment to authenticity.

The Genesis of Bella Ramsey’s Gay Speculations
Little is known about the origins or duration of Bella Ramsey’s gay rumors. The actor, initially cast at the age of 13 in 2016, had not disclosed her sexuality at that time. Bella, still in the process of self-discovery, had mentioned feeling neither entirely like a girl nor a boy during her formative years.

It wasn’t until her role in The Last Of Us that fans caught a glimpse of her character Ellie Williams, sparking inquiries into her own sexual orientation. In subsequent interviews, Bella revealed her gender fluidity and expressed indifference to whether people perceive her as gay or not. She warmly acknowledges the support from her “gay army” on Twitter, now X.

During this awareness month, recognizing the struggles of transgender individuals, Bella’s evolving stance on her sexuality becomes apparent as she navigates her identity and comfort. She shares with her fans the challenges of portraying more feminine characters and emphasizes that being labeled a “young woman” is more bothersome than the pronouns used.