Jenna Ortega Discusses Her Single Status: ‘I Find Relationships Stressful’

Jenna Ortega, known for her roles in Scream VI and Wednesday, recently discussed her contentment with being single and her strong focus on her career in an interview with Elle, featured on the cover of their April 2023 issue.

“Perhaps I devote an excessive amount of attention to my work, but the thought of romantic relationships causes me anxiety,” she confided regarding her perspective on dating. “Moreover, the prospect of being genuinely vulnerable with someone, delving deep into knowing another person intimately, and exposing oneself completely… my mind acknowledges that it’s not a priority for me at this moment.”

Last year, Ortega’s already established career saw a significant boost when she assumed the lead role in Netflix’s 2022 series “Wednesday,” inspired by the renowned Addams Family franchise. This former Disney star also appeared alongside Penn Badgley in the second season of Netflix’s popular series “You” and played the character of Young Jane for 30 episodes in “Jane the Virgin” (2014-2019).

Regarding her return to “Scream VI” after her involvement in the fifth installment of the iconic horror series, Ortega, who attended the film’s NYC premiere on Monday, expressed her enthusiasm for gore. “I hold the franchise in high regard, and I was determined to do it justice without imitating anyone,” she stated.

Despite the iconic goth image and her reputation as the epitome of cool, the California native, Ortega, openly acknowledged feeling immense pressure not to disappoint those close to her, both on a personal and professional level.

Back in December, Ortega shared with PEOPLE her connection to the darker side, revealing how she’s been drawing comparisons to Wednesday Addams since she was just six years old. “People have been telling me I look like her since I was six years old,” noted the actress, referring to the iconic character from the 1960s TV show and 1990s movies. “And I have quite a dark sense of humor!”

Although she shares some similarities with her legendary character, Ortega pointed out that she had to master some distinct quirks, aside from perfecting epic dance moves.

Although the TV and film star has been exploring various creative avenues, she mentioned that she naturally finds herself drawn to similar roles.

“I’m always wary of being typecast, but I hold a deep appreciation for the horror genre,” As for what lies ahead, she remarked, “I’m uncertain about what the future has in store. I think I’ll only understand it when it unfolds!”

Scream VI is set to premiere in theaters on Friday.