Behind the Scenes: Laura Ingraham’s Relationship Status Revealed

The Fox News anchor gained prominence as the host of The Ingraham Angle show. Laura Ingraham’s career has been remarkably successful, but amid her achievements as a TV presenter, her marital status has piqued widespread interest. Although reports suggest romantic involvement with notable men, the question of Laura’s marriage remains uncertain.

Who Is Laura Ingraham Married To?

Contrary to rumors, Laura Ingraham is not currently married. Throughout her life, she has been romantically linked with various men, including prominent political figures. However, none of these relationships has culminated in marriage, indicating that Laura prioritizes her career and personal pursuits over marital commitments.

Was Laura Ingraham Ever Married?

Laura Ingraham has never been married, though she came close in a previous relationship. Engaged to successful businessman James V Reyes in 2005, their wedding plans were postponed when Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer. Focusing on her recovery, the engaged couple eventually called off the engagement, parting ways at an unspecified later date.

Laura was also reportedly engaged to her college sweetheart, Dinesh D’Souza, with whom she shared a mutual passion for politics. Despite the engagement, the relationship did not progress to marriage.

Is Laura Ingraham in a Relationship?

Currently, Laura Ingraham is not known to be in a relationship. The TV host maintains a private stance on her personal life and has not disclosed any current romantic involvement. Given her history, it’s possible that she is discreetly in a relationship but has chosen to keep it out of the public eye.

Laura Ingraham- Raymond Arroyo Relationship

Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo are not romantically involved and have never been in a relationship. Raymond Arroyo, a renowned journalist, producer, and New York Times bestselling author, is a Fox News contributor and co-hosts Fox Nation’s Laura & Raymond. Additionally, he serves as an Editorial Advisor for FOA’s top-rated The Ingraham Angle.

Speculation about a romantic connection between the two arose in 2003 when they were allegedly seen flirting at a rally for then-President George W. Bush. Laura promptly refuted these rumors, asserting that they were close friends who enjoyed each other’s company.

Laura Ingraham- Kenny Kramme Relationship

Regarding Kenny Kramme, Laura Ingraham has never been married to him, and there has been no romantic involvement between them. The confusion arises from the similarity in names, as Kenny Kramme’s actual wife is Laura Ingle. Both Laura Ingle and Laura Ingraham are Fox News correspondents, contributing to occasional mistaken identity due to their similar appearances. However, Laura Ingraham is not married to Kenny Kramme.