Understanding How Bail Bonds Work

Usually, when a person is arrested and whether innocent or guilty, the law allows the accused person to make bail. But sometimes the amount is too high for the arrested person to raise.

In that situation, the person can explore other means such as bail bonds in tarrant county. These bonds offer the best option for many arrested people.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Upon arrest, the accused persons have various options to explore to secure their release from jail before their court date. They can be released on cash bail or personal recognizance. Alternatively, they can use a surety bond. For minor offenses such as traffic issues, the person can be released even without paying any money. 

However, sometimes the judge rules that an arrested person must pay some money to be released. If the person pays the entire amount, it’s called cash bail. In that case, the court keeps the money until the trial date. If the person doesn’t appear on the hearing date, the money is forfeited. 

On the other hand, an arrested person can get the money back after attending all the court dates and the case is decided. A surety bond is delivered by a bond company. If the person fails to show up, the bond company must pay the court the entire amount of the bail. 

Advantages of Using a Bail Bond

In the case of a surety bond, the bond company takes a 10-15% fee of the surety amount. Some bond companies may also require a co-signor. The duty of a co-signor is to promise to repay the entire amount to the bond company if the accused person fails to attend all court dates. 

Some of the advantages of bail bonds include:

  • It’s a faster way to secure a release 

The usual bonding process can be slow, leading to more time and resources used. Bail bond agencies have connections with the courts and the legal staff. This allows them to secure a faster release for the accused person.

  • Flexible payment plans

The conventional bond must be paid in full before a person can get out of police custody. Many people cannot raise the entire amount at once. The bondsman can offer flexible payments. The accused person can pay the entire amount over time. 

  • It comes with less embarrassment

Going through the law and judicial system can be a bad experience. Some people are imprisoned unjustly.  Others are treated with contempt. Even asking relatives to help could be embarrassing. On the contrary, a bond company treats its clients with respect.