SNAP Update: Massachusetts Residents To Receive Extra Payments on April 7!

SNAP UPDATE – Massachusetts residents who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits will receive their first state-funded extra payment on April 7, 2023, following the end of the federal SNAP Emergency Allotments. According to, the state government allocated $130 million for these payments to create an offramp from the extra COVID SNAP benefits that ended abruptly in February 2023.

SNAP Update
SNAP Update. Massachusetts residents will receive extra payments on April 7. (PHOTO: DCFS –

SNAP Update On State-Funded Benefits

Acting DTA Commissioner Mary Sheehan stressed the importance of the state-funded extra SNAP benefits, particularly for over 650,000 households that need support during the surge of high food prices. The payments will be available in April, May, and June 2023, with the payment amount being up to 40% of the difference between a household’s maximum benefit amount and their regular monthly benefit amount, with a minimum of $38 per month.

For any SNAP update, you can visit the Massachusetts website at, and find information on the state-funded extra benefits that help households plan for the end of the temporary federal and state benefits. Households that receive SNAP benefits are encouraged to explore previously unreported expenses that may increase their regular SNAP benefits and report them to the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA). The state also offers free mobile apps and online portals to make it easy to update DTA about changes in housing or medical costs, child or disabled adult care costs, or education expenses.

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Other Programs Offered in Massachusetts

The state also provides resources for individuals and families who need additional support. For example, the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) offers a money back on an EBT card when SNAP is used to buy local fruits and vegetables from HIP farm vendors, up to $80 per month depending on household size. Massachusetts also offers other programs such as the WIC nutrition program, free school meals for K-12 students, rent or mortgage help, fuel assistance, and money to help pay for the internet or a computer.

In conclusion, this SNAP update will provide Massachusetts households with extra SNAP benefits, and will receive their first state-funded extra payment on April 7, 2023. The state government allocated $130 million to create these payments, which will be available in April, May, and June 2023. Households are encouraged to report any changes in expenses that may increase their regular SNAP benefits to DTA, and the state also provides other programs to support individuals and families. Massachusetts’ commitment to prioritizing food security during these challenging times is evident through these efforts.

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