Two Direct Payments Up to $5,350: Check Eligibility Now!

Two Direct Payments

As the economic impact of the pandemic continues, Americans are facing inflation and economic uncertainty. In response, several states and cities have established relief or tax rebate programs to help residents. This article highlights two direct payment opportunities available to Americans with deadlines in April.

Direct Payments
Two direct payments available to Americans next month. (PHOTO: The U.S. Sun)

 Up to $700 in Kansas State!

The first opportunity is available to qualifying residents of Kansas. The Kansas Property Tax Relief for Low-Income Seniors (SAFESR) and the Homestead Refund are available to older, disabled, and low-income residents. The SAFESR Refund provides low-income property owners a 75 percent refund on property taxes paid if they meet specific criteria. You must be a homeowner in the state with a total household income under $37,750 to qualify for the Homestead Refund. It would help if you met specific age, disability, or dependent child living criteria. The deadline to file claims with the state of Kansas is April 15.

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Up to $5,350 for Audi Owners!

The second opportunity is available to Audi owners. The company decided to pay customers back from a $3.5 million pot because of a data breach after customers’ information was allegedly stolen. Customers who received a notice from Audi or Volkswagen informing them that their personal information (PI) or sensitive personal information (SPI) was exposed in the breach between 2019 and 2021 may be eligible for payments of up to $5,350, depending on their subclass of eligibility. SPI subclasses members in California can receive up to $5,000 for fraud, identity theft, credit expenses, communication charges, and up to four hours of unpaid time off work at $50 per hour. The deadline to file a valid claim form is April 12.

Overall, these two direct payment opportunities offer much-needed relief to Americans during economic uncertainty. If you live in Kansas or are an Audi owner who received a data breach notification, check your eligibility and apply for these payments before the April deadlines. Do not miss this opportunity to secure extra money to help navigate these challenging times.

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