Steve Harvey Slams Family Feud Contestant Over Hilarious Guess

When a Family Feud contestant prematurely celebrated an inaccurate guess, Steve Harvey was clearly incensed. After Angela got up and started dancing after giving the wrong answer, the seasoned game show character put his foot down and then some.

With two strikes already recorded against her, Family Feud contestant Angela heard Steve Harvey, 66, read the cue.

“When a woman goes on a shopping spree, where does she hide the purchases from her husband?”

Angela, feeling herself, guessed: “Sometimes she takes it over to her friend’s house!”

“Woo!” Angela added busting into a celebratory dance.

“Her friend’s house, her friend’s house!” she repeated turning her guess into a song and gyrating her body as the audience went wild.

Steve looked pressed and yelled back at her with a furious expression: “Over at her friend’s house!”

Finally, the dreaded third red X flashed with the erroneous buzzer sound. Fans of Family Feud were outraged by Angela’s bravado and Steve’s displeasure with her when the clip was released on Instagram by Family Feud.

After a contestant made the “suckiest” guess the host had ever heard, Steve Harvey was recently left glaring at the camera. The game show reposted the stretch of a guess to Instagram and, as a comical extra, added the National Anthem with background music.

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Family Feud Extended

Fans of Family Feud can continue to watch their favorite game show with presenter Steve Harvey for a little while longer. Deadline was the first to report on February 1 that the popular competition series had been renewed for another season through 2025–2026.

The source also mentioned that the premiere episode of Family Feud, which aired in July 1976, will be 50 years old on that date. The show promptly shared the exciting news from Deadline on social media, and Steve joined the party without skipping a beat.

Longtime watchers instantly started commenting on social media as soon as they learned that Family Feud would continue to air on television through 2026. Also, some people used the occasion to demand something from the host.

Last season, devoted viewers witnessed well-known stars like Simu Liu and the Abbott Elementary cast competing against other Hollywood heavyweights to raise the most money for the charity of their choice.

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