Stalking Case in Washington: Delusional Stalker Continues Harassment Despite Being Blocked, Charged

Stalking Case in Washington

The stalking case which ended in a tragic murder-suicide of a Washington podcaster and her husband has shed light on the dangers of a stalking case and the need for increased protection for victims.

Zohreh Sadeghi, 33, had just undergone major spinal surgery, which limited her mobility, and was struggling to cope with the unwanted attention of her stalker, Ramin Khodakaramrezaei.

stalking case in Washington
Ramin Khodakaramrezaei (left) is accused of stalking Zohreh Sadeghi (center) and breaking into her home, where police say he fatally shot her, her husband Mohammad Milad Naseri (right), and then took his own life. (Photo: FOX 13, Insets from left: Redmond Police, LinkedIn, Facebook)

Sadeghi described Khodakaramrezaei as “completely delusional” and expressed her fear for her safety and the safety of her loved ones. She blocked his number, but he continued to harass her and even called her husband demanding to speak to her.

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Days before the murder-suicide, Khodakaramrezaei left Sadeghi threatening voicemails, telling her husband that the communications would only stop if he killed himself or died, Fox News reported.

An exchange between the stalking suspect and the victim’s husband, excerpted in court documents. (Photo: King County District Court)

Khodakaramrezaei was charged with stalking case and harassment just a week before the attack but was still in possession of firearms. Sadeghi and her husband had sought a temporary order of protection, and the court had ordered Khodakaramrezaei to surrender his weapons. Unfortunately, the order came too late, and the couple was fatally shot in their $1.3 million home in Redmond, 15 miles east of Seattle, a news article reported.

This tragic incident highlights the urgent need for more effective measures to protect victims of stalking and harassment. Victims need to be taken seriously when they report stalking and harassment and provided with adequate protection and support.

In conclusion, the murder-suicide of Zohreh Sadeghi and her husband is a tragic reminder of the dangers of stalking and harassment. It is essential to prioritize the safety and protection of victims and take swift and effective action to prevent further harm.

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