Jeffersontown Police Arrests Texan Man After He Is Found With More Than 100 Pounds Of Cocaine

JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. — A Texas man was arrested after an alleged drug bust on Wednesday afternoon. Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders says his detectives intercepted more than 100 pounds of cocaine after a K9 drug dog found it in a truck.

Officers arrested Eduardo Tapia, 44, in the At Home store parking lot off of Bluegrass Parkway.

Sanders says police were patrolling in the area at the request of the business and approached Tapia’s truck. According to the arrest citation, Tapia told police he was parking his truck at the store’s parking lot and checking into a nearby hotel.

The citation states the store has signs posted that specify no overnight parking to deter large trucks from clogging up their business lots because the business is close to several hotels.

According to the arrest citation, the truck had a sleeper cab. When an officer asked Tapia why he was checking into a hotel when he had his own sleeper cab he allegedly became “visibly nervous” and had a “noticeable change in his demeanor.”

Police say Tapia’s story and timeline for why he was there wasn’t matching up, so they called in back up and searched the truck — eventually finding 110 pounds of cocaine. Tapia was charged with trafficking a controlled substance, obstructed vision and/or windshield and driving a commercial vehicle without a certified driver’s license in possession.