Texas Woman Faces Murder Indictment Following Husband’s Mysterious Death

In Beach City, Texas, Sarah Jean Hartsfield is facing murder charges after her husband, Joseph, died of a suspicious illness. On January 7th, Sarah called 911 reporting a medical emergency with her husband, who was later transported to Houston Methodist in Baytown. However, authorities received a call from the hospital about Joseph’s suspicious illness and inconsistencies in the information provided by the hospital staff. As a result, the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the case.

Sarah Jean Hartsfield
Sarah Jean Hartsfield is facing murder charges after her husband, Joseph, died of a suspicious illness (Photo: Chambers County Sheriff)

According to officials, Joseph had diabetes and his insulin levels were extremely high four to six hours before Sarah made the 911 call. Joseph was in a coma for a week before his death. Videos shared on social media showed Sarah crying over Joseph’s body as he was being taken to have his organs harvested.

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Nearly a month after Joseph’s death, Sarah was charged with his murder and was arrested with a $5 million bond according to ABC13. The district attorney and the sheriff considered Sarah a flight risk, so they moved quickly to have her charged through an emergency Grand Jury hearing.

According to ABC13 Sarah has a previous history of being investigated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota after her previous husband was shot and killed. Although she was not charged, the Sheriff’s Office is aware of the case and is in contact with the agency.

While the medical examiner’s office has not officially announced the cause of death, the case is ongoing and new information may come to light as the investigation continues. The outcome of Joseph’s death and Sarah’s murder charges are a stark reminder of the importance of thoroughly investigating all cases of suspicious illness and death.

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