Texan Bike Shop Employee Has Been Found Slayed Inside His Store

Don Johle’s Bike World in Garland, Texas has now inadvertently become the scene of a gruesome and confusing crime as of last week. When an employee arrived to open the shop on Thursday, on the 16th of February, he found the metal gates left open and called the police. Officers responding to the “suspicious circumstance” call found the body of 40-year-old shop employee James Kincheloe, who had apparently been shot and left to fend for himself.

A woman who works at Pronto Insurance—the adjacent business to the bike shop—has reportedly said she noticed the lights were still on and the gate still up when she left, which was unusual as the shop closes well before she leaves at the end of the night.

Security footage identified the disgusting 58-year-old Wesley Don-Johle as the murder suspect number 1. Don-Johle’s mother owns the shop where her son worked. When SWAT officers arrived at Wesley Don-Johle’s home in neighboring Rowlett, Texas on Thursday afternoon, they found him deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The investigation surrounding the events and motive is ongoing but looks like it will take a while.

According to an interview with Daisy McKee, Kincheloe’s wife, he was a life-long bike enthusiast, and had been riding bikes since he was a little kid. He was an especially huge figure in the local BMX scene. Kincheloe had worked at the shop for over a decade and thought of everyone there as family. In addition to his wife, Kincheloe leaves behind two young sons, who he would pick up from school everyday on a bike with a bike trailer — a routine they all loved which they unfortunately wouldn’t be able to do anymore.

DJ’s Bike World is located on Broadway Boulevard, not far from Lake Ray Hubbard, a popular recreation area. The shop is a staple in the bike community and often organizes group rides and in-store clinics and mechanic classes to say the least. The events of the crime leave many people puzzled, shocked and saddened. Family members have organized a GoFundMe to cover funeral costs as of now. Any help of any kind will be appreciated.