Shooting at Georgia Dunkin’ Dining: Teenager Faces Murder Charges

According to local reports, a 17-year-old is alleged to have taken a gun from a customer at a Dunkin’ location in Georgia and used it in shooting the customer in the parking lot.

Lamarion Orr, 17, was charged with murder after killing a man at Dunkin’ dining. (Photo: WSB -TV)

The teenager was identified as Lamarion Orr. He was arrested Friday and charged with murder, 11 Alive reported. The victim was identified by the police as Brian Dykes, 41 years old.

According to Fox News, the surveillance footage was reviewed by the police to track down the teenage suspect at a nearby motel where he was arrested. Witnesses told the police during the investigation that the shooting incident occurs 9 a.m. on Friday. Orr grabbed the gun from Dyke’s pants after seeing it and ran away. The gun’s owner, Dykes chased him outside and a struggle happened. Orr used the gun to shoot which killed Dykes.

placeholderAccording to the police, he is now charged with felony murder and robbery by sudden snatching. The Dunkin’ dining area stayed close to customers through Saturday after the shooting, but the drive-thru stayed open.

The Dunkin’ management told WSB-TV the company is “fully aware of the incident that took place at our franchised location in Decatur, GA.”

The company said that the franchisee is collaborating fully with local authorities as they accomplish their investigation into the shooting.

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