Renters are on the Look Out for New Bills in Missoula City

The City of Missoula is making a strong push against several bills that have been proposed in Helena, as it feels that these bills lean too heavily in favor of landlords and do not adequately protect the rights of renters. Additionally, some of these bills also threaten the city’s ability to govern itself, according to city staff.

Missoula Town (Photo: Wendt, Inc.)

One of the bills that the City of Missoula has officially opposed is House Bill 206, which would require a voter turnout of 50% or more for a mill levy to pass. This bill appears to be dead in committee at the moment, but the city is still closely monitoring the situation.

The city has also taken a stand against other bills that it feels could hurt renters. For example, it has opposed a bill that would limit the ability of cities to regulate short-term rentals and another bill that would restrict the ability of cities to impose rent control measures.

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According to city officials, the rights of renters are of paramount importance, and they are determined to do everything in their power to protect those rights. With its lobbyist on the ground in Helena, the City of Missoula is closely monitoring the situation and working to ensure that any bills that are proposed do not undermine the rights of renters or the city’s ability to self-govern.

Overall, it is clear that the City of Missoula is taking a proactive approach to protecting the rights of renters and maintaining its autonomy as a city. The city’s actions demonstrate its commitment to ensuring that the rights and interests of its citizens are protected and that it will not be bullied by legislation that is not in the best interest of its residents.

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