Police,Non-Profit Organization in Fort Worth Work Together To Reduce Violent Crimes

In an effort to reduce violent crimes, the nonprofit organization’s founder in North Texas wants to contact as many children and families as possible this year.

Mothers of Murdered Angels, which aids families in through the legal and financial procedures associated with losing a loved one to violent murders, was founded by Melinda Hamilton. Hamilton lost her grandson Derrick Johnson in March 2020 and her daughter Shemeka Rodriquez, age 25, both to gun violence in June 2018.

“That gave me a wake-up call. It was sort of like, ‘enough is enough,'” Hamilton remarked. I am aware that there isn’t a book that can explain how to obtain the necessary information, navigate the legal system, and bury your loved one.

Five killings have been recorded by Fort Worth Police in the first five days of the year. Officer Tracy Carter claims that this is a minor improvement over the city’s situation at this time last year.

A double homicide that occurred on Panay Way on Wednesday night was among the most recent incidents. According to Carter, one other adolescent male was hurt and two teenage lads perished.

These are children who won’t become adults, start families, or become grandfathers or fathers. It just has a big impact on me, Carter remarked. “As a police officer, I want to watch people mature. to start families and achieve prosperity. This should not have happened, therefore it truly hits home for me.

Hamilton stated that she intends to carry on cooperating with Fort Worth police and educational institutions this year in an effort to educate school-aged youngsters about the repercussions of crime.

“I believe we need to talk to these young folks out here. If we don’t tell them, they won’t know, she continued. “We must speak out for them. Our future lies in this. Our future is currently dwindling, I mean. immediately in front of us.

Maintain Connection With Neighborhood

According to Carter, Fort Worth Police continuously work to maintain a connection with the neighborhood via a variety of initiatives. He personally wants to see more young people get access to mediation training.

“If they could do that, I think a lot of the gun violence that we see in Fort Worth or around America would change, in my opinion. Today, we need to develop the skill of talking things out. I guarantee that if we discover that, the world would be a far better place. But that’s just me speaking out as a police officer.

Hamilton expressed her desire that parties other than the police and schools will participate in the discussion about reducing violent crimes.

“Your family will need to participate. You never know; it could not be happening to you right now. It happened to us, and we don’t want it to happen to you, she continued.

Mothers of Murdered Angels talked against gun violence during school assemblies in Fort Worth ISD in May 2022. If similar gatherings occur this year is unknown.

Fort Worth Initiative Aims To Curb Violence

A new Fort Worth effort tries to reduce teen gun violence in reaction to recent teen shootings.

The Fort Worth Violence Intervention program, run by District 8 councilman Chris Nettles, was introduced to the community on Tuesday. It integrates pre-existing violence prevention organizations into nearby Fort Worth schools.

The initial presentations for the project took place at Polytechnic High School in Fort Worth, where speakers discussed their individual encounters with gun violence in an effort to motivate students to make wiser decisions.

Speaking on behalf of the organization Unity Over Violence was Ronny Mitchell.