Man Wanted After Teenage Girl Found Unconscious in Academy Restroom

The Sabine County Sheriff’s Office began a thorough search in the region around Edgar’s grandparents’ house in Hemphill the morning he vanished. Sheriff Tom Maddox of Sabine County has stated that countless leads and sightings have been fruitless after that.

Unconscious Teenager in a Restroom

White Settlement police were called to a medical emergency at the 1701 S. Cherry Lane sporting goods shop after discovering a 17-year-old woman unconscious in the women’s washroom.

About 30 to 40 seconds before the victim entered the restroom, a male with a bun or ponytail, dark blue pants, white tennis shoes, and dark-framed glasses was also spotted entering. The motive behind the suspect’s use of the women’s restroom is what the police are interested in learning, a source posted. 

There were two other women inside the restroom, both of whom were thought to be unrelated to the male. Police reported they neither saw an assault, a brawl, or any indication of a struggle while inside the restroom; nevertheless, police reported they did not know a male was there either.

The Identified Suspect

The victim was sent to the hospital for evaluation and medical care. The medical condition’s specifics won’t be discussed, according to White Settlement police, out of respect for the family’s privacy.

After releasing the suspect’s photo, police detectives said they had spoken to the suspect. Investigators say the event is still under criminal investigation, but they did not reveal the identity of the man who was questioned.

The White Settlement police requested anyone with information to phone them after claiming that the person of interest was recently observed at the scene acting similarly.

Detectives are working hard to shed light on the case’s many unanswered questions, according to the police department. They affirm that if the suspect is found guilty, they will use all reasonable efforts to hold them accountable for any crimes committed.