How To Claim the Promised $1,500 Property tax Rebates For Homeowners

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has promised most homeowners in the state that they will receive a $1,500 property tax rebate. “That’s a real relief, it’s a promise kept. It’s a meaningful reduction in property taxes,” he said. Recipients cannot reach the hotline as they have questions on how to claim their rebate and the deadline is fast approaching.

Governor Murphy proudly announced that they will provide direct relief to over 1 million homeowners and 900,000 renters and encourage all eligible residents to apply. To be qualified for the program, homeowners and renters must have occupied their primary residence since October 1, 2019, and have filed their income taxes.

Homeowners earning up to $150,000 will receive $1,500 while that earning between $150-250,000 will receive $1,000. Renters earning up to $150,000 will receive $450 to help with rent increases. Payments will be sent in the form of checks or direct deposits and will start to go out no later than May 2023 to give ample time to process the application and validation.

Eligible homeowners can apply by phone, online, or via paper application which can be downloaded online and sent by mail while eligible renters can apply online, or download the application from the website and send it by mail.

Applicants may visit or call the ANCHOR hotline at 1-888-238–1233 for more information.