Jenn Russell Says Demon that Possessed Chris Watts Trying to Kill her Family Too

Frederick Colorado: Chris Watts, 33, was admitted in 2018 for the multiple murders of his wife Shanann,34, and Bella,4, Celeste, to get a life instead of the death penalty.

On August 13, 2018; the convicted murderer choked his wife to death in the morning; who was pregnant then. Next, he also strangled his daughters to death and later placed the corpses in oil tankers where he worked, reported Meaww.

Twitter user had something to say about ‘Possessing Demon’

One Twitter, user ‘Jenn Russell’ made bold claims that Watt’s murderous rampage was due to evil spirits that killed his family. She posted that they got the same demon who drove the grotesque murders, noted Techno Trenz.

She alleged to capture the demon itself that was in the Watts home; it’s in Russell’s house trying to kill her family. Furthermore, the demon is real and the last two years show it as real, in a video where she told Cindy Watts how the same demon in Chris before is inside her too.

Russel said what she told in a private message with Cindy Watts that they trapped the demon which drove her son mad. Followed by the grisly killing of the woman and two children getting dead later.

She later explained the demon was not done and wanted harm on Cindy as well as her mom as well. Russel thought it was not finished. Later informed they got the demon out in the Hospital Valley wise.

As said by People that said Watts agreed to guilt for nine criminal acts that included the following charges. They are five counts of murder in the first degree in November 2018.

More details came out that he hid the corpse of his pregnant wife and two girls at the oil and gas firm that employed him at that time. Also, the motive for killing them is an affair with a divorce coworker.