Houston teacher tortures animals; gets arrested, officials say

Graham William Reid, a teacher in Fort Bend County, is now known for torturing animals in two counties in the Houston area. 

Animal Torturer Gets Arrested

On November 29, Reid got arrested and became free on bail for his Fort Bend County case, while In the Harris County case, a $50,000 bond was set.

Reid was accused of horrific crimes in the grisly Fort Bend County case in 2021, and KPRC 2 reported on the graphic facts at the time. Now, Reid is charged again. 

He was charged with two charges of cruelty to non-livestock animals in Harris County after court documents revealed that two kittens in his care were discovered in June with many broken bones, cracked teeth, and other conditions, including a bloated skull, another report from KPRC 2 revealed. 

Court records said that Reid allegedly struck and kicked the animals with his foot. The kittens were Rose and Dunn. 

Events Leading to His Arrest

Records show that a woman who rescues cats and kittens and claims to know Reid through a mutual friend reported Reid.

She then took the cats to an animal hospital, where she discovered Dunn had a damaged tooth and a cracked skull while Rose had a shattered rib. Reid’s current animal cruelty charges are in an internet article that the woman who reported Reid shared with HSPCA cruelty investigator Bob Wilson through email, reports said. 

According to court filings, the lady who reported Reid claimed that he had previously adopted animals from her before January 2022. Based on the records, he informed her that those cats now belonged to his friend in Pittsburgh. 

The cats, Rose and Dunn, were taken from the Central Houston Animal Hospital, receiving care, and brought to the Houston SPCA for housing, assessments, and care.