Florida Man Fatally Shots Ex-Girlfriend to Death After She Refused to Communicate, Shows No Remorse

Sha’Dayla A. Johnson, 23, was shot 15 times in front of their house by Carlos Lemont Jones, 23, as she was leaving for work. After the breakup, Johnson declined the suspect’s calls and texts. Jones admitted to the crime and stated that Johnson’s father should also be killed.

Ignoring Calls and Texts 

Following a heated argument, the couple decided to end their five months relationship; since then, Jones had stopped returning Johnson’s calls and texts. Jones last attempted to get in touch with Johnson on Dec. 19 in the afternoon, claiming the victim’s father.

At 7:48 on Tuesday morning, police were called to Melbourne, Florida, to the Colbert Circle 2800 block. Johnson was found seriously injured under a carport. Sha’Dayla was taken to a hospital by paramedics with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds concentrated on the back of her body, but she passed away, a source posted. 

Johnson left for work on Tuesday, and his father was lounging in a recliner in the living room when he heard gunshots. He noticed Johnson’s car was being obstructed in the driveway by Jones’ car when he peered out the window. Witnesses at the scene confirmed that a black sedan resembling Jone’s car fled, and a surveillance camera also caught it.

Showing No Remorse

A few hours later, Jones surrendered to authorities after his mother called and pleaded him to do so. When asked if he felt regret, he replied that he did not and that, if given the chance, he would have killed Johnson’s father as well, according to miamiherald.com report. 

According to court documents, Jones is charged with one count of first-degree premeditated murder and one count of depriving a person of a firearm. According to Brevard County jail records, he is being held under a $5,000 bond.

Johnson’s friends and loved ones expressed their sorrow and grief on social media. Johnson’s cousin expressed her hurt, anger, and inability to believe what had happened. A Palm Bay Magnet High School alumna who was once Johnson’s teacher revealed on Facebook that she was preparing to quit her position at Walmart and enroll in college.