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The surging usage of firearms among the Black community has encouraged people to question the gun control laws of the government. It has been learned that Black people are committing more crimes than other communities with a gun or firearm, whether it is a murder, homicide, or suicide. Are black people easily accessing firearms, or do the weapon control laws of the Democrats promote discrimination?

Black people more involved in acts of violence with guns

According to Newsweek, most of the recent crimes in the USA are the results of violence with firearms. Black people are dominantly involved in such cases.  In 2021, the US recorded a drastic increase in firearm violence for almost 30 years. In the majority of these cases, the victims and suspects are black.

Source- Telegraph

A total of 142 incidents occurred in gun violence in 2021 that involved people from the black community. It is 74% higher than in 2014. Crimes like homicide are being resulted by black men 23 times more than other races.

Nevertheless, gun usage in the country has had an unbelievable history since the 1990s. Cases of homicides, public murders, and suicide in that period were mostly recorded with guns. But the involved people were mostly black. But strict laws for gun usage haven’t been enforced by the Democrats as it is the ruling party of the country.

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Democrats’ gun control laws

The Republican party used the gun usage issue in their last election campaign to criticize the Democrats. They have stated that the ruling government has been racist in making effective gun control regulations. However, the government didn’t get involved in the allegations against them.

Joe Biden
Credit- PBS

Following the rising concerns among black families, President Joe Biden has expressed his plans to introduce new laws for firearm usage. Nevertheless, he concentrates more on the high profile shooting cases ignoring the regular gun violence. This can lead to a problematic state for Black Americans as they won’t have weapons to protect them.