Catalytic Converter Thieves Traveled from Houston to ‘Earn Some Money’

One of the three men detained on suspicion of stealing catalytic converters admitted to traveling from Houston to College Station in order to “earn some money,” according to a probable cause document from the police.

Details of Report

In a report from KBTX, at around 4:30 a.m., the suspects were subsequently discovered cruising in the parking lot of another hotel on University Drive after a hotel employee on Texas Avenue notified authorities about them.

When College Station police intercepted the automobile, the three occupants were taken into custody. 

Four stolen catalytic converters, saws, and marijuana were discovered inside the vehicle, according to the police.

Arrested Suspects

Javorre Stone, 18, of Cypress; Robert Arscott, 19, of Houston; and Demarion Moore, 19, of Houston, were detained. They are each accused of participating in organized crime in addition to theft-related allegations.

Marijuana possession was an accusation brought against Moore and Arscott. Along with failing to provide identification, Stone was accused of eluding police.

Arscott admitted they came to College Station to steal catalytic converters after telling an officer they came to “make some money.”

Security Tips

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