$5,000 Bonus Checks in Florida Starts Going Out

Hundreds of qualified persons in Florida have already received their $5,000 bonus checks as part of the state’s program.

Bonus check
$5,000 bonus check starts to role out in Florida. (Photo: CNET)

$5,000 Bonus Checks in Florida

$5,000 bonus checks have already been released to some eligible residents in Florida as part of Florida’s Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program. There were more than 600 bonuses have already been released to the newly employed law enforcement recruits in the state.

Meanwhile, the rest of the new law enforcement recruits in Florida will receive their $5,000 bonus checks this week. Moreover, the majority of the checks have already been distributed. Here are some of the qualifications to become eligible for the program:

  • Appointed to full-time employment as a “certified law enforcement officer” with a criminal justice agency in the state on or after July 1.
  • They must also have never been previously employed as a law enforcement officer in Florida.
  • They must maintain “continuous full-time employment” at the agency for at least two years.
  • Maintain “continuous” employment, each office cannot take any breaks longer than 15 calendar days.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Released a Statement

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, “Law enforcement officers are choosing Florida because we have delivered on our promise to back the men and women who keep Florida families safe and that message has been heard loud and clear across the nation.”

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity, Dane Eagle also said, “The program is attracting the best and the brightest law enforcement officers to serve the state. Through the Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Payment Program, law enforcement officers are transitioning into this incredibly rewarding profession in a state that appreciates their heroic service to Florida’s communities.”

Needless to say, Gov. DeSantis hand-delivered the first set of recruitment bonus checks to six new officers in the City of Cape Coral following Hurricane Ian in October.