Who Kevin Hart is Secretly Dating? And What’s their Net Worth?

Kevin hart is a popular and famous personality. He is an American actor and comedian. The full name of the comedian is ‘Kevin Darnell Hart’. He is from Pennsylvania, United States and was born on 6 July 1979. Basically, he is a stand-up comedian. He started his stand-up comedy career from TV shows and Hollywood movies.

Kevin also released and launched his successful comedy albums. His albums were loved and enjoyed by the people and his fans. The successful comedian also won many stand-up shows and competitions. Currently, the actor is 43 years old and earned a great net worth on his own. Hart also earned a lot of popularity and fans. And if you are one of his fans, then this article is for you. Kevin is having a lot of rumors and dealing with them. If you want to know about his new girlfriend, dating etc., then, keep on reading.

Current Dating Status and Past Relationships of Kevin and His New Girlfriend

Kevin hart is currently dating Eniko Parrish, actually she is his wife. Eniko Parrish and Kevin hart are married to each other. The couple got engaged in 2014. And after two years of being engaged to each other they decided to get married. Both got married in 2016 in California. The couple had a baby in 2017, and during his wife’s pregnancy he admitted publicly to cheat on her.

But they both sorted out, and had their second child in 2020, which is a daughter. But Eniko is not Kevin’s first wife. He was married first time in 2003 with Torrei, but due to some complications they both decided to split and got a divorce in 2011. Kevin hart also had two ex-girlfriends, their names are Natassia Smith and Simply Jess. Now Kevin and Eniko both are living happily together with a son and a daughter.

According to the reports and media, Eniko hart has never dated anyone other than Kevin hart. There is no past relationship history or ex-boyfriends of Eniko hart. Seems like Kevin is a lucky man, but unfortunately Eniko is not. And after dating Kevin, she is married to him only.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin is a successful and popular comedian. He is a stand-up comedy artist. Kevin released various comedy albums and won many of the shows and competitions. He is involved in many professions and occupations such as Comedian, Author, Screen Writer, Film Producer, Film Actor, Voice Actor and TV Producer.

By following these professions, he has gained a lot of success and popularity in his life. People love to watch and enjoy his comedy shows and competitions. He makes people laugh and it’s the biggest professions ever. Kevin hart net worth is $45o million dollars. He has delivered some of the great movies as well. Few of them are ‘Scary Movie 3’ and ‘Little Fockers’.

Eniko Parrish (Eniko Hart) Net Worth

Eniko Parrish is involved in one profession or occupation only and that is modeling. She is a model and has been interested in modeling from the beginning of her career. She is also a successful and popular model in her life. And got many opportunities regarding modeling. Being a model, she has a lot of fan-following and followers on her Instagram account.

Kevin Hart’s wife Eniko Parrish – instagram

Eniko has very sharp and unique features. But being a mother, she has managed her body and figure very well. She gets modeling work in embracing motherhood too, because of the perfect shape of her body that she maintains. The model maintains her body while working out every day. After marrying Kevin, her popularity and success grows immensely in every aspect. Eniko Parrish net worth is $2 million dollars.