Who is Cory Hardrict’s Girlfriend? And What is Cory Hardrict Net Worth?

Cory Hardrict is a great and successful American actor. He was a part of films and television shows. Cory also delivered great movies and TV shows to his fans. He was born on 9 November 1979 in Chicago, United States. The actor is 32 years old. But besides these, there’s a lot more about Cory Hardrict life.

Being a cory’s fan you must have many questions in your mind. Is Cory Hardrict currently dating anyone, is he have a girlfriend, or he is single? Keeping your queries in mind, below we will discuss about his personal and professional life. Also, Cory Hardrict net worth is also a questionable thing for his fans. To know everything about him in detail, stay tuned with us.

About Cory Hardrict Girlfriend and His Dating Life

Cory Hardrict is not dating anyone, because he is married. Cory is married to Tia Mowry. They both were married in 2008, but unfortunately, they got divorce and separated in 2022. After 14 years of marriage, both decided to split up and to walk on their own paths. During their separation, Cory has announced this news on his Instagram handle to their fans and media. But now, the couple are not together anymore and separated in the year 2022. But according to reports and media, currently, Cory is not dating any women, at least in 2022.

Same goes with his ex-wife Tia Mowry, she is also not dating anyone. The actress is single after separating from Cory Hardrict. Based on sources her ex-husband is the only ex-boyfriend she had. None of her past relationships are revealed on the internet and in media. The couple is single in 2022 but separated from each other. 

Cory Hardrict Net Worth

As we are aware of the popularity and success that Cory Hardrict has. He is a successful and famous personality or celebrity. He is an American actor, along with acting cory is interested in few other occupations as well. The actor is hardworking and creating a successful career for himself since 1990.

He has been a part of many films, television shows and movies. Other than being an actor, Cory is a producer as well. In his producer career and field, he is known for some shows/films that are American Sniper, November Criminals etc. Cory Hardrict net worth in 2022 is $3 million dollars. Being a producer and an actor, he has achieved and earned a great worth and a successful life, all by himself.

Tia Mowry Net Worth

Tia Mowry is a great and successful personality like her ex-husband. Basically, Tia is a popular and successful model. But with modeling she also chooses a lot of career options of herself, based on her interests and choices. She is involved in various occupations and professions like Businesswomen, Model, Actor, Singer, Writer, Voice Actor, Film Actor, Entrepeneur, TV Personality and Producer.

As we can see, she is a multitasker, who can manage all her professions at once, that too successfully and without any difficulties. She is very independent on her own, that Tia doesn’t want her ex-husband’s money, wealth or power. Tia Mowry net worth is $4 million, this is based on 2022. After getting separated from Cory Hardrict, she is doing well in her personal and professional life as well.