Interesting Facts About Panda JJK Anime Character

Not every good anime requires an anthropomorphic panda to assist its protagonist, but it never hurts. Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen are familiar with the self-sustaining cursed corpse who spends the majority of his screen time as an intelligent panda. Gege Akutami’s blockbuster manga-turned anime fans have suspended their disbelief and accepted an anthropomorphic panda into their hearts due to Panda’s unique character design, combat instinct, and kind nature. The Kyoto Exchange Event that sets the stage for this conflict is anime fans’ first proper introduction to Panda. However, there is still so much to learn about Masamichi Yaga’s abrupt-mutated cursed corpse.

About Panda JJK Character:

About Panda JJK Character
The panda appears to be a fully developed genuine panda. With his bear-shaped body, he stands significantly taller than his classmates and occasionally wears the clothing. He has been seen wearing armbands, scarves, and jackets on occasion. Panda is a generally cheery and tranquil person with a sense of humor. Panda used to speak in an exceedingly appropriate manner, more akin to a computer, but as time passed, he developed his distinct personality. Panda considers humans strange creatures and does not aspire to be like them, although respecting them as a species. Panda may be rather snarky at times, making light of any circumstance.

A typical cursed corpse has only one spirit:

A typical cursed corpse has only one spirit
Panda’s three cores provide self-awareness and independence. A cursed corpse is created by instilling soul knowledge and cursed energy into an inanimate object. Due to the restrictions of a soul being repurposed after death, a regularly cursed corpse can only execute simple if/then commands. When Yaga endowed Panda with the information of three compatible souls who keep continual watch over each other, he reinvented the term cursed corpse. This trio of souls provides the cursed corpse known as a panda with self-awareness and complete independence from Yaga, which no other cursed corpse can claim.

Even manga readers have no idea what his third form looks like:

Even manga readers have no idea what his third form looks like
Panda remains an essential minor character in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, but even manga readers are unaware of Panda’s third form. In the anime, the sister who looks after his Panda and Gorilla cores is characterized as shy and framed in a green glow, but fans have been left in the dark about Panda’s third form. Given Gege Akutami’s interest in Japanese folklore and the tusks incorporated in his Gorilla form’s character design, some fans speculate that the third form could be the mythological Baku or Orotoshi. Perhaps Gorilla is Panda’s physical half, and his sister is his shy spiritual half.

A Cursed Technique is included with Gorilla Mode:

A Cursed Technique is included with Gorilla Mode
Panda assumes the form of one of his siblings, a gorilla. Panda’s base form is the balanced version of his three halves. When he believes his older brother’s Gorilla form, he uses the offensive advantages of his physical form and a technique known as Drumming Beat. It has not been proven that this is a different cursed technique; it uses cursed energy to augment Panda’s assaults, making them virtually unstoppable. Even if the opponent blocks Panda’s Gorilla mode assaults, they are still wounded by his point, making him a force of his opponent’s power.

“Even Pandas Cry,” he wants us to know:

Even Pandas Cry, he wants us to know
Panda frequently has to explain to his peers why he should not be expected to behave predictably. Panda, an abruptly altered cursed corpse, is distinct and distinct from those around him at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Despite his independence and animalistic appearance, Panda speaks and experiences emotions like a human. This does not imply that Panda would react to his feelings in the same manner as a person would, but he will still feel them. In chapter 147 of the manga, when Yaga is pursued, Panda sheds a few tears in one of the most heartbreaking sequences yet.

Panda was extremely clever from a young age due to the circumstances surrounding his birth and upbringing under Principal Yaga. Panda is highly analytical in combat and strives to keep one step ahead of his opponent. Suguru Geto, a sorcerer with incredible tactical thinking, was taken aback by Panda’s battle prowess. Panda continuously considered every move he made against Mechamaru. He calculated the angle of Mechamaru’s cannon so that it didn’t also hit his teammates. In that encounter, Panda deceived Mechamaru numerous times by simulating an injury to his cores and triumphed because his opponent misjudged his intelligence.