Does Dr Oakley Yukon Vet Divorce? All About Their Relationship

In today’s environment, divorce news is more widely publicized than marriage news. People have become so intolerant in recent years that they are barely willing to listen to their spouses. Fans recently inquired if Dr. Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley were still married. Dr. Michelle is one of the world’s most well-known veterinarians. Michelle met her husband while still in college. Their romance began in their senior year of college. They married shortly after she received her bachelor’s degree in zoology. Michelle earned her veterinary degree in the year 2000.

About Dr. Oakley:

About Dr Oakley
Dr. Michelle Oakley has been the Yukon Territory’s sole all-species veterinarian for hundreds of kilometers. Her clients are primarily off the grid, which means they don’t have access to electricity or running water. Dr. Oakley works as an on-call veterinarian for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and the American Bald Eagle Foundation in Yukon, Canada. She was born in Indiana and graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in zoology. After marrying Shane Oakley, she earned a Ph.D. in veterinary medicine from Atlantic Veterinary College in 2000. Dr. Michelle is quite active on social media.

Dr. Oakley Clinic and Career:

Dr Oakley Clinic and Career
She also opened her one-of-a-kind clinic after working as a government veterinarian for nine years. She treats both dogs and cats at her clinic. Michelle also helped out at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center as a volunteer. She also worked for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. Dr. Michelle Oakley also has programs in Scandinavia and Sri Lanka, in addition to the United States. Dr. Michelle and her husband, Shane, have two daughters. Sierra, her oldest daughter, aspires to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Yukon vet. Maya is studying criminal justice for her bachelor’s degree.

Does Dr. Oakley and Shane Still Married?

Does Dr Oakley and Shane Still Married
Dr. Michelle appreciates spending time with her family despite her hectic schedule. Dr. Michelle’s husband, Shane, is a firefighter and the Deputy Conservation Officer. On December 1992, the couple married in Hawaii. Dr. Michelle Oakley is still married to her husband, Shane Oakley. The well-known couple has been married for nearly two decades and is still going strong. During her tenure at Michigan University, Dr. Michelle Oakley worked as a field assistant in Yukon, investigating the ecology of northern ground squirrels. She met her beloved spouse on the same trip, Yukon native Shane Oakley. Shane, a wildland firefighter, fell in love and married Michelle.

Dr. Oakley and Shane Kids:

Dr Oakley and Shane Kids
The couple welcomed their daughters during Michele’s veterinary years. Their daughter, Sierra Oakley, was born in 1997. Sierra was an athletic high school student who captained the Yukon female hockey team at the 2015 Canada Winter Games. She grew up seeing her mother care for animals. Sierra’s mother may have influenced her decision to pursue a similar career path. Maya Oakley, Michelle and Shane’s second child, was born in 2000. Maya and Sierra appear heavily in the episode because they enjoy volunteering at their mother’s clinic over the summer. Willow Oakley, Michelle and Shane’s third child, was born in 2004.

Dr. Oakley Sucess:

Dr Oakley Sucess
Dr. Oakley also worked as a relief veterinarian at the Calgary Zoo, where she still volunteers every month. She currently has 84.3K Instagram followers. Dr. Oakley utilizes her social media account to share animal photos and information about her work. The star appears to be preoccupied with animal care at all times. Furthermore, her daughter is always willing to help her mother out. Dr. Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley are one of the world’s most gorgeous and happy couples.

During her time at Michigan, Dr. Michelle Oakley worked as a field assistant in Yukon, studying the ecology of northern ground squirrels. She fell in love with the natural splendor of the Canadian territory on her first visit. She met her adored spouse, Yukon native Shane Oakley during the same trip. Nonetheless, as evidenced by her Instagram post, their love endured in which she states, “It sucks, not going to lie. But it is also worthwhile.” This outstanding and fantastic veterinarian continues to make significant strides in her professional and personal life.