Kinnporshce Season 1 Episode 7 Recap 7 & Explanation

“KinnPorsche” is a Thai BL drama adapted from Daemi’s online novel of the same name. When the enemy ambushes the group, they meet the king, the chief’s second son, and when they come across the Porsche, they try to escape. University student Porsche, who works part-time at a bar, sees Kinn being followed and comes to the rescue when Kinn offers money as a reward. Money leads former martial arts champion Porsche into an uphill battle to save Kinn. Due to his excellent fighting skills, Kinn recommends him as a personal bodyguard. In addition to chasing Kinn, the Porsche was also pursued by the king’s enemies. Desperately forced to surrender to his fate, he became Kinn’s guardian with a broken heart, though he feared that his only relative, his brother, would be involved in this madness. But fate seems to be playing with him, and he has to agree with Kinn and join a complicated family. Being a bodyguard for a mob boss is all about skill. During this time, Porsche also faced a few surprises. He hesitated in his mind as he approached Kinn. But this road is not easy. Various difficulties and obstacles will test their love, so Porsche must overcome all challenges and strengthen his feelings for Kinn.

Beginning of Episode 7: Kinnporshce 

Beginning of Episode 7: Kinnporshce 

Episode 7 of Kinnporsche picks up where it left off after last week’s shocking cliffhanger. Kinn recovers at the club, but rival gangs begin to riot after the attack. The people were sent to their territory. Porsche and other guards sneak into the casino and escape from them.

Of course, Porsche is at the centre of this head-to-head gang fight on its way to the arcades. After stopping these horrible people, Kinn will be upgraded. These people seem to have been sent by Don, the leader of this place.

To uncover the truth, Mr Vegas takes his interrogation skills to the next level by pulling out human teeth with pliers. It’s tricky to get information, but it seems to work. The man says that Don wants to buy many drugs from Big Wang.

Porsche checks in on Kinn after the drama ends, discusses missions and joins Vegas. Kimm promises to be back when it’s all over. And the couple hugs later. Given Kinne’s love for him, Porsche wants Mr Selected by Vegas. Vegas takes you to a welcoming backyard with everything, including drinks and food. Kinn also works with Pete. Vegas asked him to apologize for being on the same side in the upcoming fight.

The Mid Part of Episode 7

mid part epsiode 7

During his absence, Kinn is questioned by his father, who says that he has changed since returning from the forest. He doesn’t even talk about his injuries; he rolls his eyes and says he’s telling another story. “Get back to your old self quickly. “My family is waiting for you,” he said, handing Kinn a slice of apple.

Elsewhere, Chay has moved her guidance to the present, but this place forces him to pack his bags in a hurry. However, that person is there. When you are invited, you get a guitar as a gift. When the opportunity arises, he enters Chae’s room and looks around. There he sees countless pictures of her school uniform as well hanging on the wall. Downstairs, he asks Chay to write a love song for her loved one. Chai doesn’t know that Kim knows his secret.

There are also significant changes in Vegas’ temporary ownership and Kinn’s personality. Jealousy developed, and the reason seems to be that he was a former bodyguard. Vegas told Porsche that the last bodyguard was very close, which made Kinn paranoid that he was some spy. Kinn got so angry that he shot the man in the head. A smile spreads across your lips as Vegas leaves. Is this true? Or does he create it?

The End of Episode 7 

The End of Episode 7 

Then we move on to the bigger picture. The plan is to go out with Big Wang tied up, which Pete talked about earlier in the episode. When they go through security and start a deal with Don, Vegas calls Wang an incredible mole. He also asks Don to forget his past and forget this ordeal. To make things easier, he offers to give medicine for free. But… not so much. Don is a giant schemer knowing that he will never make a deal. Opening the truck, Porsche and his men are ready to kill them all. After this shootout, Don tries to escape, but Vegas kills him with a single bullet. Men know how things end!

That night, things take a turn for the worse as everyone celebrates. Vegas leaves him alone with Porsche and tries to kiss him. Porsche gets out, but so do Kinn and his men. When Vegas goes, this precarious conflict remains unresolved, and Kinn slaps Porsche. But when Porsche tries to escape, Keane pulls him back and apologizes. He said the couple kissed each other tenderly on the chest and neck towards the end of the episode.

Episode 7 Review

review of Episode 7 

When you think about it, Vegas does more in one episode than the whole Theerapanyakul family accomplished in six chapters. However, the delicate relationships between Kinn and Porsche are becoming more urgent than that. We don’t know whether Vegas’ claim about him murdering his ex-girlfriend is genuine, but given that Kinn’s jealousy has been shown, it’s not impossible that it may be.

The plan to kill Don is successful in the meantime, and there is enough thrilling action to keep us entertained. However, it seems from the conclusion that Vegas and Kinn will be set against one another in this battle, maybe with Porsche caught in the middle and forced to choose a side. Another solid episode ends Kinnporsche’s run of captivating drama, love stories, and enjoyable action scenes.