Extracurricular Season 2: What do we know about its Release Date, Trailer, Recap?

Extracurricular Season 2 is a Korean television drama now in its second season. In April 2020, a young crime drama will premiere. The program ran for a single season of at least ten episodes per season.

Each episode of a series is 60 minutes in length. Netflix has the program available for viewing. The K-drama genre was born in South Korea. Suspense, psychological concerns, thrills, criminality, and illegal activities involving high school students are all part of the action in this thriller. You’ll be terrified by the gruesome and horrific crime scenes and surroundings. We are both interested and petrified by the drama.

My Drama List gave it an 8.5 out of 10. It has a 7.7/10 on IMDb. It’s the most-watched and well-liked K-drama of the year. Additionally, the series received two wins and two nominations. The drama’s production is handled by Studio 329. The show has a lot of fans and is highly recommended. A great number of individuals were pleased with it.

When can the fans expect to see Extracurricular Season 2?

Extracurricular Season 2 release date

The streaming giant has not yet confirmed the second season of Netflix’s Extracurricular. K-series premiered on Netflix on April 29, 2020, although the streaming platform’s renewal status is uncertain.

A Netflix decision on whether or not to renew a program often takes at least a month. Renewals are likely to be delayed given the platform’s many titles. Fans should be aware, however, that the vast majority of Korean series is only intended to last for a single season.

Extracurricular Season 2 may not be produced despite the show’s popularity.
Season 2 of Netflix is to be announced by the streaming service. If Netflix had announced a release date for the season or canceled it, it would have done so. A new project has been started by both the creators and authors involved.

Currently, there are no official announcements about launching a new show. In contrast, Han-Sae helps to strengthen Studio 329’s ties. As a result, we have high hopes for the screenplay if everything goes as planned.

What Is the Plot of Extracurricular Season 2, and what about its trailer?Extracurricular Season 2 trailer


In the first season of Extracurricular, Ji-soo ran an illicit business to assist him in paying for his college education. Gyu-Ri and Min-hee persuade Ji-covert soo to allow them to join the mission after learning his acts. Dae-yeol and Mr. Lee are both killed in the season finale. Despite his best efforts, Detective Lee cannot capture Ji-soo, who is critically ill, despite the help of the injured Gyu-Ri.

The Extracurricular Season 2 of the drama series will reveal whether or not Ji-soo is brought to justice or whether he manages to elude Detective Lee. Additionally, we may discover more about Ki-fate. Two unsatisfied youths, Ji-soo and Gyu-RI, are likely to return to criminal activity because they think the world has mistreated them.

Extracurricular has yet to be renewed for a second season. Season 2’s official trailer is often released a few months (or even a year) before to the premiere of the program, so if our predictions are correct, we’ll have to wait even longer. That is, assuming the program gets a renewal before the conclusion of this year.

What happened before Extracurricular Season 2?

Extracurricular Season 1 recap

Extracurricular follow Ji-soo, a high school student who leads a double life in order to achieve his goal of attending college. Ji-soo is employed by an illicit prostitution ring as a security guard.

After Gyu-ri discovered Ji-business soo’s phone and began extorting money from him, things got out of hand very quickly. During the climactic climax of Season 1, when Ki-tae discovers Min-blood-spattered hee’s phone in Ji-hands, soo’s he stabs him many times, putting him in a “bloody position.”

Furthermore, Detective Lee is now suspicious of the Social Issue Research group and its members, even though Mr. Cho has praised Ji-reputation soo and described him as a hardworking student.

The investigator arrived at Ji-apartment Sao’s after season 1 and discovered blood evidence. Even if she didn’t see Ji-soo there, he’d be in for even more problems if the program is renewed for a second season.

That is everything we had about the Extracurricular Season 2. This article should give you an idea about season 2 of the series, its release date, and more.