K-Drama is back to terrorize you, but in a good way: Sweet Home ending explained, recap, cast and more

Post-apocalyptic Earth has been overrun by monsters, as seen in the episode. Many survivors are trapped in an apartment complex that serves as the setting for most of the episode. The first episode aired on December 18, 2020, and the last 10 episodes were shown. The Sweet Home finale answered many of the fans’ questions and sparked new ones. Fans of Korean dramas praised the program highly, and it was a huge hit.

The first season of Sweet Home ended on a cliffhanger, and now the fans eagerly await the second. Lee Eung-bok, Jang Young-woo, and Park So-Hyun directed the program’s first season.

A webtoon by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan by the same name is a source of inspiration. Studio Dragon is responsible for the show’s creation. The animation and CGI effects in Sweet Home are stunning, and the whole ensemble does an excellent job bringing the story to life.

Although the story was well-written, many people were baffled by the finale. As we take a stroll around the excellent season finale, this is a sweet home ending explained to Netflix

What do we know about the plot of Sweet Home?

sweet home season 2 plot

Take Ui-myeong to the other survivors, Hyun-Su. A moment of relief is provided when one of them presents the other as someone who is exactly like him. After killing the goo monster, Ui-myeong concludes that people and demons cannot coexist. Sang-wook attempts to take Yu-ri outdoors after seeing that she is having an asthma attack. But Ui-myeong prevents them from pursuing this course of action. He knows that if they go outdoors during Operation Golden Hour, the soldiers will murder them. Putting them in danger but also putting everyone else at risk is not a good idea.

Despite Hyun-best Su’s efforts, Ui-myeong shoots two of the remaining survivors in the face. Hyun-Su turns into a monster to stop him. Du-Sik offers himself as a sacrifice to quiet his hideous form. Similarly, Gil-seob passes away peacefully and is buried shortly after. It’s discovered that there’s a hidden tunnel. All of the deceased survivors’ corpses have also been suppressed.

A while later, word reaches us that the survivors will be relocated to a secure location. They also urge anybody who has been infected to hand themselves in. He decides to speak with the military. Another survivor, on the other hand, sets off a bomb, causing the structure to come crashing down. Sweet Home was an exciting first season that left much room for season 2 to expand. Even though the cliffhanger in the first season was surprisingly rewarding, it left fans wanting more. That is our take on the sweet home ending, explained Netflix.

Sweet Home: The ending explained

sweet home ending recap

Sweet Home’s first season finale is suspenseful, with a strong undercurrent of mystery. The survivors escaped the falling structure via a hidden passage. They are transferred to the safety camps as soon as they reach the surface. Yi-Kyung enlists in the armed forces. He inspires the other survivors to do the same. A military vehicle finds Hyun-Su comatose, and Ui-myeong enters the truck in his slime form in another scene. Sang-wook, dressed in an army uniform, joins Hyun-Su. In the closing scene, Hyun-Su regains consciousness after a time jump that is not revealed. When he first sees Sang-wook, he realizes he is looking at Ui-myeong, disguised as Sang-wook.

The show’s future is wide open, with Ui-myeong now inhabiting Sang-body. wook’s At this time, it is unclear how Ui-myeong intends to proceed with his strategy. Sweet Home’s spooky environment elicited both nightmares and adrenaline rushes from the audience. We have no choice but to wait for the second season to discover more about the aftermath. The sweet home ending explained Netflix was well-developed and well-maintained. If it weren’t for Song Kang, Lee Jin-Wook (Pyeon Sang-Wook), Lee Si-young (Seo Yi-Kyung), and all the other actors and actresses that starred in the film, it wouldn’t have been a smash.

What can we expect with Season 2 of Sweet Home?

Sweet home plot

According to the rumor mill, Season 2 would focus on how Ui Myeong’s body was taken over by a sludge monster, which would indicate that separating the two is feasible. Still, the beast held another victim captive practically shortly after that. As per the sweet home ending explained on Netflix, we can expect the following in Season 2 of Sweet Home.

The inmates of Green Home are carried away with just one word of warning: “You must survive.” This might suggest that they are not being brought to a haven but will be subjected to Operation Golden Hour or that they will be experimented on in some other manner. At this time, Yi Kyeong’s fiancé, who seems to have discovered the key to the curse and posted it on his blog CRUCRU, is neither human nor a monster. We realize a lot of things with a sweet home ending explained Netflix. To catch him, Yi Kyeong will do whatever it takes, but whether or not it means reversing her principles will be intriguing to see.