‘Severance’ Episode 5 Spoilers Out

The newest episode of “Severance” is out. Here we have the best spoilers for you in our article. Things get more problematic when all the mysteries related to Lumon get more complicated.

Thrilling actions continues in the series

“Severance” has always been about exciting episodes packed with mysterious stories. Currently the series is revolving around the events going on in Lumon Industries. There are different levels in this industry and all of them have different departments. However these departments never interacted with each other and even didn’t know about their locations.

Irving and Burt, who are among the main characters of the show, work in different departments but still meet each other. Hence the working system of the industry gets a little distorted. Ms Cobel on the other hand was seen performing surveillance. It seems like the meet-up was promoted by the company and it was a part of an experiment which turned out well.

Fans seem to be bit angry and confused

The fans of the series are finding it hard to digest that they were performing such experiments. This episode changed the entire concept of the series. In the upcoming fifth episode we will see Dylan making copies at the copier. While printing out the papers, a unique painting of the workers of Macrodata Refinement(MDR) division who were seen being brutally killed by the workers of Optics and Design(O&D). This painting comes as a huge shock for Dylan. While he was struggling hard to get through the facts, Milchick appears in the scene. He then makes Dylan understand that the painting was not meant for him and it was delivered by mistake.

Dylan further asks about the event and enquires about its genuinity. To this he replied it was nothing and was a joke for Ms Cobel. But Dylan was sure that something wasn’t right with the painting and the incident. The episode is further focused on events regarding this incident.