‘Legacies’: All Those Who Wander Are Lost

The newest episode of “Legacies” is out, and the episode is getting amazing responses from the fans and the viewers of the series. Hope Mikaelson continues to show her strength in the show.

The newest episode is creating confusion

The newest episode of ‘Legacies’ is named “All Those Who Wander Are Lost”. The name completely determines the nature and justifies the gist of the episode. As mentioned above, Hope continues to be heartless in the newest episode also. The viewers are expecting surprise with the character, but the creators have kept things simple, and she is still being heartless to everyone who crosses her path or becomes an obstacle for her.

She has switched off her humanity which means she won’t be connected to any emotions. Therefore we can expect that she will force Lizzie into being her sire. We can also see Lizzie and her fighting together against Aurora. However, the viewers are confused with her behavior, and there is a doubt that all her actions are merely a fake show which will end soon. On the other hand, if she really has switched off her humanity, then things are not going to be great for our heroes.

The final scene left people in a dilemma

In the final scene of the episode, we see Hope walking on the streets very angry. Soon we see her breaking into tears, and all the anger that she had from Lizzie and Aurora’s escape was taken out on a stranger walking on the street beside her. She really seems to be very irritated by Aurora’s action, and now we can expect that she won’t forgive her that easily.

If it is another freak out on Legacies, then this might break the expectations of the fans, and it might also be a turning point for the series. We expect that finally, the creators have decided on something strong in the storyline, and there is no reason to spoil it.