Galveston’s Top 13 Beaches

There’s something about open ocean, sandcastles, and a good book that makes for a wonderfully peaceful weekend–and Galveston’s best beaches are ideal for a quick trip to the Lone Star State.

The Gulf always delivers a mild breeze and a spectacular vista, making the southern shoreline extremely popular with beachgoers. Galveston is only about an hour’s drive from Houston, making it an ideal day trip or weekend getaway location!

If you’re taking a cruise out of Galveston, plan on arriving a day or two early to soak up some sun and get in the vacation spirit! It’s definitely worth the travel, and it’s a terrific way to start a vacation.

Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach is relatively remote and nestled away from the island’s other more well-known beaches.

Beaches which face outwards toward the Gulf are generally more crowded.

The beaches facing the West Bay, on the other hand, are usually less busy and more secluded. The remote beaches are more bare-bones, but if you just want to spend a few hours by the ocean, it’s a terrific area to burrow down at!

There is also some parking on the premises. There are no beach towels or chairs available for rental, so bring your own. It’s a fantastic site for a family outing, so go check it out!

Porretto Beach

The vision of beaches with colorful umbrellas and immaculate sandy shorelines can be found in a lot of 90s movies and photos. When it comes to that vision, Porretto Beach meets the bill perfectly.

On-site events include racing and other activities, as well as the rental of shaded spaces. Because this is a private beach, several amenities have fees connected with them to help maintain the area.

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, which offers food, rides, and games, is just a short distance away from this beach. In terms of location and accessibility, it’s a clear winner.

Pirates Beach

Pirates Beach is a private beach with rented beach houses surrounding it. The advantage of private beaches is that they are usually better maintained and less congested.

In the summer, the rental homes in the region are highly popular, so you may need to do a little extra planning if you want to acquire some great real estate for your summer vacation.

If you’re staying somewhere else, you can park outside the community and stroll in, but there are no public restrooms because it’s a residential area.

San Luis Beach

Bird watching and fishing are popular activities at San Luis Beach. Swimming and wading in the water are prohibited due to the roughness of the water. You can still enjoy the benefits of being at the beach because the sand in this location is recognized for being exceptionally soft, making it ideal for a day of fun!

While driving on the beach is permitted, it is recommended that you park elsewhere. Because the sand is so soft, automobiles frequently become trapped by accident.

The beach is very large and unobstructed, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Gulf.

Sea Isle Beach

A little gravel road leading to a boardwalk is located just off Kennedy Road. The boardwalk leads to Sea Isle Beach, a big, expansive beach. Because driving is prohibited at this beach, you’ll have to park a little further away and walk to the boardwalk. This neighborhood is often less congested, particularly if you visit during the week.

The beach area is well-kept, and while no one is continually patrolling the waves, staff members do check in on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in order.

West Beach

The “West End” has a string of beaches, including West Beach. Tourists flock to the West End because it is home to the most “attractive” beaches.

This beach is open to the public and offers public parking. You can drive up to the water’s edge and spend the day relaxing with the water up to your ankles.

The introduction isn’t really nicely worded, but don’t worry! There are signs that say “public access point,” and following those will lead you to the beach you’re looking for.

Stewart Beach

If you’re traveling with a large group or family, Stewart Beach is a must-visit. This venue has won numerous awards, and its extensive list of amenities demonstrates why. There are open beach volleyball courts where you can start a pickup game.

During open hours, the shoreline is also patrolled.

On-site facilities include public bathrooms and rinse-off showers. You can also rent out chairs or umbrellas to provide some shade and comfort. Bring a grill and some s’mores for a fun day or night out!

Bermuda Beach

As you drive along Bermuda Beach Drive, it practically transforms into a beach. But don’t worry, there’s only one parking lane as you walk down. This does narrow a little, but as long as the sand remains compact, there should be no problems getting through.

Always check the weather before driving on the beach. If there hasn’t been any rain or other source of moisture in a while, the sand can get quite dry and sink when your wheels pass through!

Because of the beach’s narrowness, make sure you check before you go! You might also run into the shaved ice truck on the beach every now and again!

East Beach

R.A. Apffel Park, often known as East Beach, is a non-stop party hotspot! This beach caters to those who want to let their hair down and enjoy themselves in the sun.

Numerous festivals and performances take place here. Alcohol is also permitted on the premises. There are facilities and showers, as well as chair and umbrella rentals, just as at other renowned Galveston beaches.

There is also a small children’s playground with concessions and other amenities nearby, in addition to the primary attractions for entertainment.
There is an admittance cost, but it is well worth it considering all of the amenities.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a small beach that is located near Beach Pocket Park 2. The entire coastline is broken up into smaller portions, similar to the West End beaches, so multiple beaches are lined up close to each other.

With little foot traffic, this beach is modest and rustic. It’s as lovely as it is bare-bones, and there’s something so relaxing about spending a few hours alone with the sea.

There is currently no vehicular access permitted, but there is ample parking available in the nearby developments.

Terramar Beach

Terramar Beach, unlike some of Galveston’s top beaches, has decent signage and is conveniently located off the main road. You can practically drive right up to the shore.

It’s quite little, yet it’s not too packed. Because it appears to be an extension of the subdivision, this is one of those beaches that few people are aware of.

It’s an excellent place to park your car and go fishing! It’s about as uncomplicated a setting as you can get, yet that’s what makes it so enjoyable to visit!

Galveston Island State Park

State parks are an excellent opportunity to learn about each region of Texas and the distinct features that each has to offer. Galveston Island State Park is an excellent value for money method to see beaches while also having access to fishing and hiking trails.

Because of its size, the park encompasses much of the island in one concentrated place. You get both the beach and the bay in one place, and you also get the convenience of having campsites or housing accommodations nearby.

Because the park is frequently full, make sure to reserve a place ahead of time online, and you should have a fantastic vacation!

Beach Pocket Park 2

For the West End, there are two “pocket parks.” Beach Pocket Park 1 and Beach Pocket Park 2 are two independent entities with the apt names of Beach Pocket Park 1 and Beach Pocket Park 2.

Because of its closeness to major Galveston attractions like Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Beach Pocket Park 2 sees a little more foot traffic.

Because the beach parking lot is asphalt, you won’t have to worry about your wheels sinking.

The park is free to enter, and there are amenities such as showers and indoor facilities. During the peak season, from mid-March until the beginning of September, you can rent a chair or an umbrella. This beach has everything you need within walking distance, making it a one-stop shop!