12 Best Texas Beaches: Best Texas Beaches For Families

Best Texas Beaches: While Texas’ beaches cannot compete with those of Hawaii, its 600 miles of coastline are equal to that of Florida’s Gulf Coast – nonetheless sunny, lovely, and worth the trek. Not to add, when summertime weather in the South soar into the 90s, nothing seems much more appealing than the gleaming Gulf.

What distinguishes Texas’ greatest beachfront is its unique touch of local culture. Fishing, a typical Texan hobby, is magnificent regardless of which coastal city you explore, and horse rides down the sand reflect the state’s cowboy tradition.

These national sandy beaches are famous for bird-watching and boating to serene beaches. Here are some popular Texas beaches.

Best Texas Beaches

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Crystal Beach

Are you looking to have some fun? Simply drive to the Bolivar Peninsula on Texas’ Upper Gulf and take a ferry from Galveston to Crystal Beach. Despite its remote location, Crystal Beach provides a real party atmosphere.

Tourists can pull their cars and vans straight into the sand for a $10 fee per vehicle, they can camp there overnight for free, and put up barbecues and campfires, urging groups to assemble and celebrate throughout most of the summertime.

Angling, shelling, crabs hunting, as well as bird-watching, are among some major attractions. Once the sun sets, the excitement temperature is kept high by adjacent restaurants, pubs, and nightlife.

Visit the local Fun Zone Waterslide and Bolivar Point Lighthouse, an 1872 lighthouse that has withstood many storms, for much more family entertainment.

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Boca Chica Beach

The Boca Chica Beach is about 8-miles-long and is close to Mexico where you may reach without even crossing the border.

The Rio Grande, which runs eastward into the Gulf, is the only way of distinguishing the two. This serene beach, which is part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge and is controlled by the state, is as simple and pristine as they get.

As a result, there seem to be no amenities nearby, so carry the food, water, and beachside supplies you’ll require.

The atmosphere is calm and easygoing, ideal for taking in life’s simpler pleasures such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, bird watching, or peacefully lapping up the sunlight while flicking through a favorite beach book.

Galveston Island

Galveston Island, an hour south of Houston, is a popular local getaway from city life. This is not to suggest that Galveston is raucous; there are about as many peaceful places as there are bustling spots along the shoreline.

East Beach is Texas’ biggest and Galveston’s most beautiful beach, hence it becomes crowded. All through the summertime, events and concerts are held, as well as an annual sandcastle battle. There seems to be a play area for children.

Do you want to learn how to build a sandcastle? Rather than drinking, drive next door to Stewart Beach, where you’ll discover seasonal lifeguards, umbrellas and chair accommodations, and a much more family-friendly ambiance.

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Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island, east of Corpus Christi, is known after the horses that originally inhabited the island and is undoubtedly the beautiful and cheapest option beach holiday spot in Texas. On the island, there’s only one town, that is, Port Aransas.

Mustang Island State Park, a breathtaking stretch of land with 20 miles of hiking trails, 5 miles of coastline, beautiful dunes, and a large number of shorebirds, turtles, dolphins, etc.

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

Matagorda Bay Nature Park is a beautiful hidden treasure along Texas’ Gulf Coast that occupies a large portion of Matagorda Island, approximately northeast of San José Island.

Only approximately half of Matagorda’s 58 miles of the beach can be reached by car, which aims to protect the incredible nature, however, if you can face the primeval surroundings and bring enough supplies, it promises to be one of Texas’ most tranquil beach moments.

If you are not camping on the beach, you can go horse riding in the sea or paddleboarding along the coastline.

North Beach

North Beach highlights that visitors don’t have to escape Texas Main Street to experience a decent time on the beach. These are some of the nicest beachfront in the state which lies across the Harbor Bridge from Corpus Christi, the second-largest metropolitan area in south Texas (after San Antonio).

Two of Texas’ most popular destinations are easily accessible from this 1.5-mile stretch of beach. A sandy beach walk from North Beach goes directly to the non-profit Texas State Aquarium, which has a 4D theatre, a 400,000-gallon water habitat for sharks, and a jungle habitat with Yucatán flora and animals like flamingos and southern 2-toed sloths.

Port Aransas

The nicest and sweetest family attraction on Mustang Island, the little, tranquil town of Port Aransas draws more visitors than the state park, but not as many as the ever-popular Galveston or South Padre Island.

The importance of convenience cannot be overstated. The 18-mile-long beach is lined with laid-back eateries and holiday houses for rent, and it’s only a walking distance to the beach.

Restrooms and outdoor shower facilities are among the well-kept amenities. Because of the beach’s prominence, celebrations take place all year.

Texas SandFest, a week-long sand-sculpture contest with refreshments, live musical performances, and events that draw thousands of people, is the biggest event of the year in Port Aransas. Every February, the Whooping Crane Festival is also held for bird enthusiasts.

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Padre Island National Seashore

There is no other place on the planet where you can discover an unspoiled barrier island as vast as Padre. Padre Island National Seashore, located around 30 miles from Corpus Christi, is a nature lover’s dream for over 300 unique birds, and also the vulnerable Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.

It is rugged, as the name implies. The seaside belongs to the seabirds and turtles. Canoeing and snorkeling are feasible in Laguna Madre’s shallow waters, and beachcombing is ideal on the well-known Big Shell and Little Shell beaches.

Beachgoers may have the most pleasure, though, at Malaquite Swimming Beach, where park rangers arrange baby sea turtle releases and lead conservation initiatives. Padre Island has been one of the finest places in the country for bird watching, especially during the early spring, fall, and winter.

Rockport Beach

Cars, pets, bonfires, pyrotechnics, and beach camping are all prohibited on Rockport Beach, ensuring that the sand (and water) is as clean as possible.

These strenuous efforts paid off handsomely: this was the first beach in Texas to get “Blue Wave Beach” accreditation, an environmental certification that celebrates clean, well-managed beaches around the world.

Locals who love to swim, volleyball on the beachfront areas, angling off the pier, and relaxing in the thatch-roof palapas that border the crescent-shaped beach. Family members particularly enjoy the coastal waters and the surrounding amenities, which include picnic areas, toilets, and showering. Parking costs $5 per day.

Another enjoyable diversion is the nearby community of Rockport, which has restaurants, art galleries, hotels, including the lovely Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay, and family activities.

South Padre Island

There’s no disputing the beauty of the throng on this 34-mile-long barrier island located north of Boca Chica. South Padre is one of Texas’ busiest beaches.

It’s because of the excellent kitesurfing and parasailing conditions, pet-friendly beaches, diversified fauna, reasonably priced hotels, and the fact that alcohol is permitted on the beach. March is the peak time when vacationers go to day-long beach parties to dance and carouse.

The bayside of South Padre Island is particularly popular for its busy beach bars and spectacular sunsets. If you want to avoid the crowds, the north end of the island is significantly quieter, albeit less developed.

Furthermore, the beachfront is large, pavilions are lined with concession stands, boat cruises range from deep-sea fishing to dolphin-watching excursions, and there is also a Beach Park with 13 slides and a zip line.

San José Island

Get to this gorgeous island across from Port Aransas, you’ll need to take a boat. You’re confined to the beach once you reach it, but this is what you have come to appreciate.

The jetty is an excellent place to fish for speckled trout, and since no vehicles are permitted on the island, the environment is extremely safe, peaceful, and tidy.

There seem to be no such amenities, toilets, clean water, and maybe even shade to assure the quality of hygiene. If you intend to spend a long time in the sun, shields, refreshments, drinks, and coolers are all must-have items to bring with you. On San José Island, bird watching and shelling are a few popular pastimes.

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach, like Rockport, boasts some of the cleanest and purest beaches and water in Texas. Nevertheless, unlike Rockport, the regulations are significantly more lenient here. Chained-up pets and bonfires are allowed, and vehicles are allowed in designated areas of the beachfront for a fee.

During hurricane season, larger waves appear here, rendering Surfside one of the greatest surfing beachfront in the region. Aside from the more usual activities of sunbathing, walking, paddling, and fishing from the many jetties, escorted horseback excursions on the dunes are a pleasant and interesting way to see the sites.

Many would suggest that because of the moderate Gulf waves, level beaches, and variety of animals, every Texas coastline is well-suited for families, although some are more prepared to attend to the requirements of people and families than most others.

While both Boca Chica and San José Island are gorgeous destinations to bring the gang, they also lack activities and opportunities, which can be difficult for younger age categories.