Spoiler Alert: ‘One Piece’ Chapter 1041 Spoilers Out

After the fantastic action-packed series with many ups and downs, we are finally at the end of One Piece. Chapter 1041 will be a massive surprise for the fans, and here we have the best spoilers about the episode. Five main plots were left to be solved before the great fight between Luffy and Kaido. We will see a lot about these plots in the chapter.

The chapter will cover three of the main plots

According to the makers, the current chapter 1041 will give us information about the three main plots left in the series. We will also see different unique takes from Momo and Zunisha, which will be something fascinating to look for. The next Volume 102 is most likely to be out by the end of March.

The makers have tried to keep the main story of one Piece a secret. However, there are many parts to the series, and we are going to tell you about the one in which we will be seeing Zunisha. The Zunisha story has been a fascinating part of the series, and we can now expect that Momo and Yamato will be seen ready after they discover their past. They will read all about their past in Oden’s diary, which is pretty exciting. We currently don’t know the reaction of these characters to the dairy, but surely it will spice things up.

Big Mom is going to survive

One of the most considerable suspense created from the previous chapter was about Big Mom. We saw how she was weakened with Lo’s big sword, and many expected that she wouldn’t survive. Kidd’s special punk attack made her even miserable, but we are sure that she will survive and be a part of the series.

With Kidd and Law getting exhausted, we also expect that they won’t play another game. However, in the surprising turn of events, Big Mom will be back, and if she rises, this will give no chance to Kidd and Law to protect themselves.