‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Updates: Ridge And Taylor Kiss Passionately As He Asks Taylor To Return Home

Hope informs Liam at Brooke’s apartment that Ridge had best be at the cliff house. It’s best if he and her mother can work out their differences as soon as possible. Brooke, Liam hopes, is aware of what she’s doing. Hope is concerned because it appears that they are already breaking apart. Liam makes an effort to reassure her. Hope despises Ridge’s belief that her father devised a nefarious scheme to get her mother intoxicated. Liam can’t say he’s blameless. Ridge can’t stand Brooke protecting Deacon, and that’s why they’ve arrived at this place. Hope is still perplexed as to why her mother drank that night, reports Soaps.sheknows.com.

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Brooke and Thomas argue about her evening with Deacon from outside the cliff home. Brooke protests, claiming that she has no idea why she drank in the first place. Thomas wonders if it really concerns why she drank in the first place. He refuses to let her meet his father. “Fine,” Brooke grumbles. Then he’ll be able to come out. He’ll want to converse.” Ridge’s phone was ringing in Thomas’ pocket when she dials his number.

She looks about in awe. Thomas asks her to leave and turns around. Brooke objects, but he tells her to leave her justifications for the next guy because his father’s destiny is with his mom.

Overwhelming Feeling

Taylor doesn’t want Ridge to feel overwhelmed inside the cliff house; the situation is already tough. “And that, mum, is the reason you’re the lady for him,” Steffy continues. Brooke never would put him in that position. Steffy begs her father to inform her that he has seen the light. He can see his future right next to him.

Steffy walks out the kitchen patio doors after encouraging her folks to have a chat. Ridge is assured that there is no pressure from Taylor. She only cares about what is best for him. “But you’re the only one here who understands it.”

Ridge approaches Taylor for her unbiased appraisal about his marriage inside the cliff home. Brooke, Taylor claims, is unworthy of him. “She has never been.” There are several causes for this, the most important of which is her tendency of gravitating to other men. “She loves to say she’s following her heart, which is terribly demeaning to you.” Taylor recognizes that she is doing what she wants, whenever she wants, and that if she is caught, all she needs to do is cry. Ridge believes it is critical that he hears the truth, but it is not easy for him. Taylor points out that her patterns have remained consistent over the years. It’s engrained in Brooke’s personality.