‘Euphoria’: Barbie Ferreira Is Said To Have Walked Off The Set In Rage

On the young HBO Max drama “Euphoria,” Barbie Ferreira portrays the headstrong Kat Hernandez. According to a report that sees real-life imitating art, production insiders have reported the celebrity stormed off the set more than once while filming the second season. According to the Daily Beast, the actress and “Euphoria,” writer and director Sam Levinson did not agree on the direction of Kat’s character this season, notably that she does not have as much of a storyline as she did in the first season.


According to Out, season 1 saw Kat find power in her sexuality and learn to love her body after fighting to accept herself as a child. This season, she is largely functioning as a comfort to other ladies of her girl group since she discovers that her boyfriend’s engagement bores her, reports The List.

Indeed, Zendaya, who plays Rue Bennett, has the greatest screen time, followed by Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard, and Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy Perez. After acting as a central character in the first season, Hunter Schafer, who portrays Jules Vaughn, appears to have a considerably reduced role this season.

Barbie Ferreira Downplays The Set’s Conflicts

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast speculates that parts of Ferreira’s sequences were removed owing to disagreements between her and Levinson. Might also she be a part of a bigger story that we’ll never see because of her artistic conflicts with Levinson?

Other sources suggest that Levinson and Ferreira are at odds. However, some cast members are allegedly dissatisfied with the director’s strategy to shoot scenes for extended periods. “Kat’s path this series is somewhat more internal and just a little enigmatic to the audience,” she told The Cut of her character. She’s having many existential problems at the back of her mind. So she, everybody in this season, loses her wits a little.

However, according to Screenrant, Ferreira is so furious with her part on “Euphoria” that she has been noticeably absent from the second season launch while her co-stars were present.