‘Naruto Next Generations’: Get Ready To Witness The End

In the newest teaser of “Naruto Next Generations,” the creators of the show have given a hint on what is going to happen with our favorite Boruto. If you are still struggling to find what happened to Boruto, then here is some good news for you. We will get to know if he is dead or alive in the latest episode.

A Big Episode for ‘ Naruto Next Generations’ fans

The latest chapter of the series is expected to be released on February 20. In this chapter, we will surely get to know what happened to Naruto’s son and if he is alive or dead. As seen in the previous chapter, Code defeats our hero, and Boruto falls on the battlefield. On the other hand, we also witnessed Kawaki striking him hard and was forced to strike a hole in Boruto Uzumaki’s chest. It doesn’t appear that he will make it out of this one alive. If you don’t know, then for the fact a devil named Momoshiki lived inside Naruto‘s son, and the hole was made in order to demolish his evil plans.

“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” to take huge turns

If you are interested in knowing what is going to happen next, then here we have some useful information for you. In the next chapter, we’ll see the conclusion of the epic battle against Code. Since Boruto is down, there is very little chance he is going to stand in the fight. However, the creators have refused to accept or make any comment on Boruto’s death. On the other side, there were some perplexing tweets about the series this morning. It is expected that things are going to take huge turns, and the story will change forever after the episode.

Soon after the tweet was posted, it went viral, and Naruto fans are struggling hard to wait for the chapter. We can assure you of two things before the final release. The epic fight going on in the series will end in this episode, which shall alter or change the previous storyline.