Texas Charter School Removes Anti-racist Comment From Website Even Before it Opened

Why should teaching about racism be done responsibly? A need to create awareness about racism at a young age by adding it into the school curriculum was what lawmakers were looking forward to initiating in Texas Schools. 

How the quote was removed

A Charter School in San Antonio was about to get its final approval from the Education Agency in Texas previously in August to get started after the final set of requests arrived. However, a quote by Author Ibram Xendi on their website caused a very public outcry.

Chalkbeat could collect the documents. It was proposed that the school introduce statements, authors, or written works about slavery. Studying them seems to have violated the New Texas law, which has limited the way race and slavery need to be taught in schools or colleges. However, the law hasn’t banned specific authors and the quote hasn’t run in with the law. This implies that Texas seems to go beyond the text of the statute in order to keep any referencing from the author whose work seems contentious is what Texas Tribune found out.

What is the true picture?

The Research Director of PEN America has quoted that he found a piece of clear evidence there was a lobby for banning anti-book, which are being used to ban specific books and respective authors. 

Shedding more light on what the school has experienced shows how the laws are opposing critical race theory in how they are interpreted or used. This enforcement has caused the school to lose money and time. The school’s Founder has informed the media about how a quarter of the year got wasted. All the hard work in setting up the stage to get scholars on board for enlightening them about racism and slavery. This was reported in millionpeoplemarch.

 Getting rid of the quote showed that there is no scope of teaching on slavery and race without being intervened.