East Texas Town Residents Witness ‘Fish Rain’ After A Storm On Wednesday

Have you heard about the rare occurrence in Texarkana?

Yes, you heard it right. An unusual thing happened in Texarkana. Texarkana is a city in eastern Texas along with a twin city in Arkansas just across the border.

Suddenly, the Texarkana residents are asking a weird question, that is, “What the — fish?”

On Wednesday, Texarkana was hit by a storm. And after that storm, the Texarkana residents reportedly claimed that a small fish had fallen from the sky. The residents shared several photos and video clippings of this unusual occurrence and it got viral over social networking sites.

What do the experts say?

According to the experts, the phenomenon occurs when waterspouts take up little marine life including certain fish or frogs and launch them into the air before dropping them below.

According to National Weather Service meteorologists, there is no sign of waterspouts or catastrophic floods near Texarkana, which could justify the occurrence that was reported Wednesday.

A string of thunderstorms passed through Texarkana on Wednesday afternoon, according to Brandon Thorne, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Shreveport, however, no such warnings have been made.

When the Texarkana residents reported dozens of fish dropping from the sky, Thorne said the weather service investigated the area’s circumstances and what might have caused the phenomena.

However, no data suggest a waterspout in the vicinity, and meteorologists received no eye witness reports of waterspouts from water bodies around Texarkana, according to Thorne.

Thorne mentioned that when they researched the storm that took place and studied the data, they couldn’t discover something which indicated there was a waterspout. They are confused about such an unusual occurrence.

Thorne also added that the meteorological department was not aware of any injuries related to anyone who was impacted by fish dropping from the sky.

According to the Texarkana Gazette, individuals in at least four separate areas of the city claimed to witness fish drop out of the sky.

Texarkana city authorities stated that they had received complaints of fish falling from the sky in a Facebook post too.

According to Bregan Brown, a biologist at the Texas Parks and Wildlife, reports of a single species dropping from the sky are typical since birds of prey occasionally drop their food. Multiple species descending from the sky, such as a fish, are more exceptional and maybe the first time the occurrence has been recorded in the state.

Bregan Brown explained that while a large variety of species dropping from the sky during a weather phenomenon may appear frightening, there is nothing to get worried about.

When Devin Sewell, a sales manager at the Orr Maxx car dealer in Texarkana, came outside Wednesday afternoon, he thought a neighboring business had tossed out 2 to 6 inches in length fish onto the street. Then he began looking on the streets, where he discovered fish in plenty for about 100 yards.

The falling fish, according to Sewell, has become the talk of the town, with locals amused by the strange phenomena.