Attempted Suspect Of Carjacking Shot By Armed Driver In Killen

The suspect, according to the driver, was armed.  He said, he crashed his own vehicle and then tried carjacking another one. So, the driver shot him to protect himself.

According to Killeen Police Department, the suspect is 31-year-old. He has been accused of the attempted carjacking that occurred in Killeen. He is now in hospital as one of the armed civilians shot him multiple times, as per KCEN-TV.

When did this happen?

It was 10:09 a.m. around when Killeen Police Department reached the home of the suspect. The suspect was accused of multiple robberies in the city, all armed. There was a warrant issued against him from Dallas for the aggravated robbery.

After the man was confronted by police, he used his vehicle to flee. This is how the police went ahead on the chase. They chased him all through Killeen, Nolanville, Harker Heights, Belton, and back again to Killeen.

While he tried to get off Rosewood Drive, as he approached the Central Texas Expressway intersection, his vehicle was crushed. It was then that the suspect fled from the vehicle. He then tried carjacking the other vehicle.

As the driver of 2nd vehicle saw the armed suspect, he pulled out a gun and shot. The suspect was shot many times for the purpose of protection.

Was the suspect saved?

The suspect was shot many times. He was then taken to the local hospital, wherein his condition for a long time remained unknown, according to KCEN-TV.

The law enforcement partners were thanked for their assistance by the Killeen PD. Amidst it were,

  • Bell County Sheriff Department
  • Constable office
  • Harker Heights Police Department
  • KISD Police Department
  • Nolanville Police Department
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
    No further information has been provided.