Musk Mansion in Bay Area Appears on Listing Site Yet Again with $5M Price Cut

After quietly pulling out from the market after an initial appearance, Tesla boss Elon Musk’s home at Silicon Valley has come back to the marketplace.

The mansion has been listed for $32 million this time around, with a cut of around $5 million. Its earlier listing was $37.5 million, said

The historic 100-year-old Hillsborough mansion, which had been listed earlier, had appeared and disappeared at regular intervals. It was initially listed for $35 million in May 2020 and was pulled in November 2020. It saw itself relisted again for a $37.5 million price tag in June 2021 on Zillow.

The home, which is now in the hands of Mary and Brent Gullixson of Compass, had been listed in 2013 for sale at $100 million. Spread across 47 acres of land, the mansion has seven bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms. The mansion sits on 16,000 square feet.

Upgrades Galore at Bay Area Mansion

Many improvements were made over the period, with the dining room and music room combined into one space. A hydraulic lift wall that disappears when needed has also been constructed.

Musk had initially been bought the home for $29.85 million back in 2017. The listing website also said that the report added many upgrades to infrastructure, including laying of fiber optic cable under the driveway, high-end security system, internal sound system, and restoration to several of-the-era features.

Other planned upgrades include a library with leather walls, a detached three-car garage, an eight-car carport, and motor court parking.

Musk Selling Off All Physical Properties to Focus on SpaceX

It is believed that Musk would want to seriously sell off the mansion, which is his last remaining home in the Bay Area. He had even told this at a shareholder meeting that Tesla’s headquarters would move from Palo Alto to Austin, owing to the steady rise in the Bay Area’s cost of living.

SpaceX and space travel is prime on Musk’s mind, and he has already made public his thought of almost all his physical possessions. He has already sold off at least six properties in Los Angeles.