Authorities Looking For Person Who Killed One Deputy, Injured Two Others Outside Houston Bar

Authorities are still looking for a person who shot three deputies outside a bar in Houston, Texas. The shooting resulted in one of the deputies dead and two others injured.

USA Today reported that authorities believe the deputies killed and injured were ambushed. They were responding to a call in the area when the shooting happened early Saturday morning.

Authorities On Why They Think It’s An Ambush

Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief James Jones told reporters that the three deputies were in the area trying to arrest someone when they got shot. They were at the 45 Norte Sports Bar at around 2:15 A.M. for a police-related extra job. Later, they assessed a disturbance outside, and Jones said they believe they interrupted a robbery. When the deputies tried to detain a suspect, they wrestled with him, when they were ambushed.

Jones noted that a man shot the deputies from behind. That suspect reportedly used an AR-15 rifle. There are no leads yet regarding the whereabouts of the shooter. CNN reported that authorities believe the shooter is in his 20s. They had a person of interest in custody but were not the shooter.

It is unclear if the deputies returned fire. The investigation is still ongoing.

Authorities Looking For Person Who Killed One Deputy, Injured Two Others Outside Houston Bar
Image Credit: KHOU 11/YouTube screencap

The Deputies And What Happened To Them

The deputies are Kareem Atkins, Darrell Garrett, and Juqaim Barthen. Garrett, 28, underwent surgery on his back and remains in intensive care. Barthen, 26, was shot in the foot. Atkins, 30, however, perished from the shooting. He left behind a wife and a two-month-old baby and recently returned to work after his parental leave.

USA Today quoted Jones saying, “This is a terrible time. We need your help and the support of the community — the constables as they are suffering, and just like we’ve been through this before, it never gets any easier.”