Trump Blasts Biden’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan; Claims China, Russia Are Now Deconstructing US Military Equipment

Former President Donald Trump has a lot to say about the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw and pull out all American troops from Afghanistan to end the brutal 20-year war.

In an interview with “Full Measure” host Sharyl Attkisson that aired Sunday, Trump criticized Biden for the “incompetent” decision which he thinks will endanger the United States and benefit its enemies.

Photo credit: Sharyl Atkisson

Trump also took the chance to express his doubt about whether the war is truly over. He cited the sheer number of unvetted Afghan refugees resettling in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

The former president also said that during the American pullout, they took people who were rushed into planes and not really the interpreters. He went as far as saying that these people “are going to be terrorists” and cause even more danger to the U.S.

“I don’t know because you have people going all over the world and being dropped all over the world right now, and nobody knows who the hell they are, Sharyl. These aren’t the interpreters that we took. These were people that rushed into the planes, and they were so interested in trying to make it sound like ‘Oh, they’re doing a good job.’ These people, many of these people are going to be terrorists. Okay? They’re going to be terrorists. They were very powerful. They were very energetic in getting onto the aircraft,” Trump said.

According to reports, the U.S. military left behind 73 aircraft in Afghanistan. Some of the helicopters were destroyed while the more advanced ones were flown by Afghan pilots to foreign countries and abandoned. Meanwhile, Pentagon officials said that the soldiers operated Apache attack helicopters at the airport.

Photo credit: Fox News

Trump, on the other hand, believes that the stockpile of weapons, armored vehicles, and aircraft that left U.S. forces left behind are already in the hands of their enemies like China and Russia. He thinks that they are already reverse-engineering the US military equipment that the US left behind.

“Now I’m saying, ‘How can they take this equipment?’ And I guarantee that China and Russia already have our Apache helicopters and they’re taking them apart to find out exactly how they’re made. They’re the best in the world by far. And they’re taking them apart so they can make the exact same equipment. They’re very good at that. It’s a disgrace.”