Texas Restaurant Employee Assaulted By Group Who Left Without Paying

Police in Houston are looking for multiple suspects after a restaurant employee was recently assaulted by a group, officials said.

The Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division released a surveillance video showing the suspects assaulting a Denny’s employee.

The incident happened on Sept. 5 in the 900 block of N. Wilcrest, west side of Houston. The suspects are accused of eating $74 worth of food before leaving the restaurant without paying, police said, according to KWTX.

Credits: kwtx.com

The video surveillance showed the suspects leaving the place and taking their leftovers with them to a vehicle parked outside when an employee followed them outside and started recording the suspects with her cellphone.

A woman got out of the vehicle and began attacking the worker who then went back inside the restaurant.

The suspects were about to leave when the female suspect went back out again from the vehicle, went inside the restaurant, and started assaulting the employee again.

The Houston Police Department’s Robbery Division has asked the public for any information about the incident and the suspects to call the department and receive a cash reward.