Texas Reports Over 3.2 Million COVID-19 Cases, 60,000 Deaths: Read Latest Updates From Central Texas Counties And School Districts

More than 3.2 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in Texas and over 60, 000 have died in the state as of Friday, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

As per worldometer data, the total number of infections in Texas stands at 3,925,385 while 62,046 people have died of COVID-19.

In Austin-Travis County, the seven-day moving average for the latest hospital admissions is 52, and 518 people are hospitalized while the seven-day moving average for new cases is 349. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 112,089 COVID-19 cases have been recorded in the county and 1,050 people have died.

Meanwhile, in Hays County, at present, there are 1,788 active cases and 55 who are currently hospitalized. About 27,573 cases have been reported and at least 347 people have died since the start of the pandemic. There are now 25,438 people who recovered from the virus.

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In Williamson County, 349 new cases have been reported. Only 13% of hospital beds and 2% of ICU beds are available. At present, there are now over 59,126 reported cases and 595 reported deaths since the pandemic began.


The following are the latest COVID-19 reports in Central Texas School Districts:

In Austin ISD, a total of 116 cases were recorded of which 100 are students, 13 employees, and 3 others. A total of 655 new exposures was recorded as of Sept. 17 (643 students, 12 employees). Since Aug. 16, 820 positive cases were recorded. 658 of which are students, 151 employees, and 11 others. Exposures are recorded with 4,874 cases (4,789 students, 75 employees, and 10 others).

In Round Rock ISD, as of Sept. 16, 23 new positive cases were recorded (22 students, 1 employee) and 170 close contacts (156 students, 14 employees). A total of 1,179 positive cases (1, 034 students, 145 employees) and 11,123 close contacts (10, 219 students, 904 employees) have been recorded.

Meanwhile, in Leander ISD, as of Friday, 140 cases have been reported from Sept. 11-17. A total of 1,243 positive cases have been recorded.

In Pflugerville ISD, 136 total positive cases have been reported from Sept. 11-17 and a total of 795 positive cases have been reported.

In Hays CISD, there are 269 active student cases and 3 active staff cases have been reported as of Sept. 17. A total of 598 student cases and 111 staff cases has been reported,

The total cumulative positive student cases in Texas Public Schools for the school year 2021-2022 is at 126,467, an increase from 60, 527 on Aug. 29. For the cumulative positive staff cases, 24,476 up from 14,377 on Aug. 29 has been reported.

In Lake Travis ISD, beginning Sept. 20, students who are living in the same household with someone who is positive for the virus will be asked to quarantine and may not be able to re-enter school within 10 days after the date of last exposure

Any staff who has been in close contact with a positive person will be permitted to stay on campus given that they are asymptomatic and join in a periodic rapid testing program conducted by the district. If a staff member becomes symptomatic or tests positive, they will also be asked to stay out of campus until the applicable re-entry criteria are met.

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