Stimulus Check Update: No Indication For A Fourth Stimulus Check But You May Expect Money From These Programs

A fourth stimulus check is nowhere in sight, but there are other programs where you may be eligible. Below, you will find such programs and see if you will expect money coming from these.

Child Tax Credit

From July through December, households with children ages 17 and younger will receive advanced monthly payments. The monthly payment for children six to 17 is $250 or $1,500 for six months. The monthly child tax credit amounts to $300 or $1,800 for six months for those under six.

The money can be deposited directly or through paper checks that will arrive in your mail if you are eligible to receive such based on the information through your tax returns. Those who do not file taxes have until Oct. 4 to go on the IRS website to sign up.


Financial Assistance For Struggling Renters

The second and third stimulus checks are still being rolled out. The money from this will help Americans who have gotten behind on their rent because of the pandemic. The total amount earmarked for this is $46.6 billion, and the Treasury Department recently revealed that only $7.7 billion had been distributed.

Financial Assistance For Distressed Homeowners

The United States has a $10 billion mortgage assistance program to aid homeowners who have had trouble keeping up with their house payments and utility bills. You may receive assistance if you own your home and have a loan balance that does not go over $548,250.

Farm and Food Worker Relief Grant Program

Those who work in the farm and food industry may also receive up to $600. This is a new program under the United States Department of Agriculture (DA). Grocery workers, farmworkers, and meat-packing workers will be given such amounts as payment for child care, personal protective equipment, and other expenses they spent on via their own money during the pandemic.

Some lawmakers continue to push for a fourth round of stimulus aid that would effectively send recurring payments until the pandemic ends. As of now, the government, in response to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has given $3,200 to eligible adults: $1,200 under the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act in March 2020; $600 in a December relief measure; and $1,400 under the American Rescue Plan signed in March by President Joe Biden.

Despite that financial assistance by the federal government, millions of Americans continue to be in financial distress as COVID-9 cases spread.