Six-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral For Refusing To Remove Mask For School Photo

A six-year-old boy went viral in the United States because he refused to remove his face mask during a picture-taking event for his school yearbook. The first-grader reportedly told the school photographer that he always listens to his mom, thus the refusal to remove his mask.

Who Is The Viral Boy

The boy is named Mason Peoples and he attends an elementary school in Nevada. Peoples reportedly told the school photographer that his mother always told him never to take off his mask during the school day. He said the only time he could remove his mask was when he was eating or far away from everybody, 7 News Boston reported.

The school photographer tried to persuade Peoples to remove his mask for the photo, but the boy was adamant. Peoples said, “My mom seriously told me to make sure to keep it on.” The school photographer once again asked him if he was sure and if he would want to remove the mask for only two seconds. Still, the boy did not budge.

The Boy’s Mom Is Proud

Peoples’ mother, Nicole, posted the photo on her social media account and said, “I’m so proud of him for sticking to his word, but I should have been more clear about my rules on this day.” Many picked up the story because of her social media post, and Peoples has been featured in many news outlets. Many also commented on Nicole’s post admiring the little boy’s bravery.

Nicole said of the spotlight they received, “Mason and I are overjoyed and in awe of the outpouring of love that we have received over his picture day school picture. He has read so many of your comments with the biggest smile on his face! He is so happy to see so many people proud of him and saying he did such a good job! (He is so proud!).”


Many People Started Donating For Mason Peoples

Nicole set up a GoFundMe account for her son because many offered to give back to the little boy. She said that many have been asking how they could send her money for her son’s gifts and even college scholarship funds, so she created the GoFundMe account. The goal was only $7, but it has now grown to over $26,000 worth of donations.

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